Waxing Protocol JNQ Races

RMN Waxing Protocol JNQ Races 2020-2021

All skiers at all RMN JNQ races agree to use a designated glide wax for those races. The race organizers will announce the glide wax to be used for all competitors by noon 2 days prior to the first race. The wax choices for the 2020/2021 season are:

Cold conditions – Swix High Speed 5 solid
Medium conditions – Swix High Speed 6 solid
Warm conditions- Swix High Speed 8 Solid

It is up to all of us: coaches, parents, and athletes to control adherence to the waxing protocol

RMISA skiers will adhere to this protocol when racing in combined RMN/RMISA races in Aspen

At the SuperQualifier in Soldier Hollow January 16/17 we will abide by InterMountain’s waxing protocol.


At non-RMN FIS events, any fluorinated waxes may be used unless the host/division say otherwise.


Here is a list of Fluor-Free Kick waxes and klisters


Here are some links to fluoro-free products from a variety of wax companies