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Jon “Zeke” Zdechlik Memorial Award

Please see the following description for the Jon “Zeke” Zdechlik Memorial Award. Each club is eligible to nominate one U18/20 athlete per gender. Please send nominations to Eric Pepper (epepper@skiclubvail.org) by the end of the day January 29th, 2022, this is 3 weeks before our last JNQ weekend. I will compile nominations and send them out for voting.

To help memorialize Zeke, by establishing an annual award to recognize Zeke’s contribution to the Rocky Mountain Nordic skiing community. This award will be conferred upon the most deserving RMN U18-U20 skier at the final RMN JNQ race of the season.This award is to be conferred by the RMN Coordinator to the selected skier who has demonstrated leadership and excellence regarding the key criteria discussed below: 

Award Criteria: To recognize RMN’s top U20/U18 male and female skiers who best exemplify the following criteria:

1) Best positive attitude;

2) Most inspirational;

3) Best sportsmanship; 

4) Best teammate;

5) And finally, best love for / commitment to the sport!

Notes: This is not a “best skier” or “most improved” award but is more foundational and cumulative regarding character development and sportsmanship.

Process: Three weeks prior to the last RMN JNQ qualifier race weekend, each RMN club will nominate to the RMN Executive Committee one skier per gender most deserving U18-U20 candidates. They do not have to be from their respective club. Only one candidate per gender will be nominated per RMN Club Team. The nomination process will be through a written document submitted by the Head Coach of each respective RMN club to the RMN Coordinator The submission highlights the reasons for the nomination. Each RMN club will receive a summary of all the candidates nominated and each club, through their head coach, will vote for one person per gender. The RMN Executive Committee will be responsible for overseeing the selection process and to confirm the top award winner. A plaque will be prepared and delivered to the RMN Coordinator prior to the JN team-naming event. 

Award: An attractive engraved plaque.

The Winter Park Competition Center and Snow Mountain Ranch is excited to host the upcoming January 2022 JNQ race weekend.
Results have been posted – Note from Kandu Timing:

We apologize for any confusion with the results that have been posted. Although all of the finish times were recorded accurately by multiple methods, our timing software was exporting the results incorrectly. We have reviewed all of the information we have and believe that the current posted results are correct. If you do see something that you feel is not correct please contact us so we can look into it. We have been in touch with the software developer who is working on the problem but as we move ahead we will be using a different program.

This has been, frankly, embarrassing to us as a timing company and this is not how we want our events to run. Also, this should not reflect on the the event organizers as – Bruce and Karen and everyone were great to work with. All of the coaches and kids were awesome and we always have fun at these events.

We hope to see everyone again at the races!

Wax call for the weekend – Swix HS5
RMN Fall Meeting
October 7th – 11am-3pm
Frisco Day Lodge at the Frisco Adventure Park.
RMN Spring Meeting
May 21st 8am-11am
For a link to the virtual meeting please email Eric Pepper.
RMN Spring Meeting Agenda:
I am going to move the Original Agenda over to this Google Sheet Agenda as I hope it will be a little easier to work with having the multiple tabs available.
I am going to do as much as I can in advance to help facilitate speeding the meeting along. If you have any key items that are going to require lengthy discussion(criteria change proposals, schedule ideas, etc) please send them to me in advance so that I can get the conversation started via email.
Race Hosting:
If RMN is to continue with a 4 weekend race schedule for the 21/22 season it is likely that those 4 events will need to be hosted within RMN. Soldier Hollow will not be hosting the SuperQ next year as they have US Nationals, Biathlon WJs, and NCAA Championships.
If you are interested in hosting a JNQ weekend please let me know via email so that I can start putting together schedule ideas along with any considerations or if you have specific dates that may or may not work for you. If you have any thoughts on the forming said schedule please let me know.
Rocky Mountain Nordic is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the 2021 Jon “Zeke” Zdechlik Memorial Award – Elsa Perkins and Wiley Corra.

Elsa Wiley Awards.jpeg

This award was created to memorialize Zeke’s contribution to the Rocky Mountain Nordic skiing community. Both of these skiers have demonstrated leadership and excellence and exemplify the awards criteria of having a positive attitude, being inspirational, demonstrating great sportsmanship, are great teammates, and have tremendous love and commitment for cross country skiing.

RMN received the following note from Sherri Steeves, Zeke’s wife:

“Thank you for sharing these nominations for this year’s recipients of the Jon “Zeke” Zdechlik Memorial award. It is so inspiring to read the coaches’ summaries of these extraordinary young people. I am in awe of these athletes and the coaches who make such a difference in the lives of youth. Zeke would be very humbled by the sportsmanship, spirit, and commitment demonstrated by these individuals. The Rocky Mountain Nordic skiing community is such a foundational experience for promoting leadership, character, and community. We are very grateful to the collective organization for all of your contributions to the development of youth and honoring Zeke. Congratulations to Wiley Corra and Elsa Perkins as incredibly deserving recipients of this year’s award.”


Sherri Steeves and the Zdechlik Family

In addition to Elsa and Wiley, Rocky Mountain Nordic received an incredible list of nominees this year including Taiga Moore, Kate Oldham, and Sarah Bivens. It speaks volumes about these five individuals that each of them received a vote from one or more RMN club to be this year’s recipient.

Wiley and Elsa were both honored to be this year’s recipients, here they are in their own words:

Elsa Perkins Acceptance Video

Wiley Cora Acceptance Video

Unfortunately, RMN is unable to recognize the achievements of the individuals in a group setting this year. This award is especially poignant under the current circumstances, and we wish to honor the nominees and recipients for their leadership in a year with more challenges than usual. Each has a great story and through their time in RMN has made their mark. Please see the link to below to read each of their nominations.

To read the full nominations please visit:

2021 Nominations – Jon “Zeke” Zdechlik Memorial…

Male Nominees:

Taiga Moore – Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club – nominated by AVSC.

Wiley Corra – Durango Nordic Ski Club – nominated by DNSC, BNJRT and SSCV.

Female Nominees:

Kate Oldham – Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club – nominated by AVSC.

Sarah Bivens – Ski and Snowboard Club Vail – nominated by BNJRT.

Elsa Perkins – Ski and Snowboard Club Vail – nominated by SSCV.

Thank you to Sherri Steeves, the Zdechlik family and the Jortberg family for helping to support this award and remind us of these wonderful things that are important in our skiing community.

– Rocky Mountain Nordic


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