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RMN BOD Meeting Thursday October 29, 2020 9am-12pm:  Agenda    Minutes
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  1. Ezra Smith- SNSC/Univ of Colorado
  2. Kate Oldham- AVSC
  3. Emma Reeder- SSCV
  4. Haley Brewster- SSCV
  5. Nina Schamberger- SNSC
  6. Sarah Bivens- CBNT
  7. Wally Magill- SSWSC
  8. Cameron Wolfe- SSCV
  9. Logan Moore- DNSC
  10. Jimmy Colfer- SSWSC/Denver University
  11. Cooper Jones- SSWSC
  12. Carson Williams- BNJRT

2020 U16 Select Team is:

  1. Nina Schamberger- SNSC
  2. Elsa Perkins- SSCV
  3. Grace Zanni- SSWSC
  4. Griff Rillos- SSWSC
  5. Ben Oldham- AVSC
  6. Tyler Wright- SSCV

Rocky Mountain Nordic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Cross-Country Skiing in Colorado. RM Nordic has a strong youth program encompassing over 350 young skiers and over 15 different clubs across the state. RM Nordic is working to expand the scope of its programs to provide world-class development and support structures for youth and adult skiers.

The vision of Rocky Mountain Nordic is to advance the sport of cross country skiing in the Rocky Mountain Region as a healthy lifestyle choice for people of all ability levels while developing and supporting internationally successful athletes.

It is the mission of RMN to provide educational, financial, logistical and developmental support for athletes, coaches, clubs and events in the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond.

The RM Nordic Web site provides information on the RM Nordic organization, races schedules and results, training camps, and other events.

RM Nordic relies on the generous support of members, private donors, corporate sponsorship’s, and grants. If you would like to be part of the RM Nordic sponsorship team please contact: rmnxcski@gmail.com

All donations are tax deductible.