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RMN 2023/2024 Schedule

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Full Info Sheet – Team Rocky Mountain Junior Nationals 2024

Info Sheet for 2024 Mike Elliot Youth Ski Festival @ Snow Mountain Ranch March 2-3 2024

2024 Mike Elliott Youth Festival – Snow Mountain Ranch

Information for Winter Park JNQ Dec 16-17 2023

Happy Skiing!
THANKS everyone for your input, support, and guidance during the 1st RMN JNQ of the 2023-24 season. It does truly take a lot of help to pull off a successful event.
I feel that the weekend was a success, yet I would like your thoughts on what we might change or improve for future JNQ events.
A few lost & found items to be claimed:
1-set of Fischer poles
1-Ski Yellowstone hat
1-RMN Junior Nationals Jacket
1-Swix Jacket (light blue)
1-Rossignol Pants
ALSO, a set of Ear Buds were mistakenly taken / picked up off one of the indoor tables from an athlete in attendance; they would like them back.
Other Notes:
  1. RMN voted to separate the U8 and U10 age groups starts, in both the age group and the gender categories. My “race starter” took it upon himself to combine the groups because all the athletes were ready to go. We need to decide how to handle these age groups due to the small numbers and for condensing the overall time. I am sorry he made this decision on this own without consulting the timers or the jury.
  2. WPCC looks forward to the Youth Festival in March. I noted on the race registration from this past weekend, that 99% of the U14 participants are USSS members — this is very cool because that means they are interested in racing! I would like to make the Youth Festival special for the U14 age group, in that the top 8-10 U14 athletes in both genders get invited to a U14 summer camp — sort of like the “dream team” for younger athletes. Look for more information and toughts from Ben in the near future.


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