Waxing Protocol JNQ Races

RMN Waxing Protocol JNQ Races 2019-2020

At RMN races, the race organizers will announce the glide wax to be used for all competitors by noon 2 days prior to the first race. The waxes allowed are:

  1.  Swix LF5 for cold conditions
  2. Swix  LF6  for medium conditions
  3. Swix HF8 for warm conditions

It is up to the coaches and parents of the respective clubs to control adherence to the waxing protocol.

RMISA skiers will adhere to this protocol when racing in combined RMN/RMISA races. 


At the SuperQualifier in Soldier Hollow we will abide by InterMountain’s waxing protocol which allows for any paraffin wax: HF, LF, or NF but no pure fluoro products in the glide zone.