Waxing Protocol JNQ Races

RMN Waxing Protocol JNQ Races 2018-2019

To: All RMN Coaches

Subject: Standardize Glide Waxes for RMN JNQ Races in Colorado 2018-2019

Date: May 18, 2018

This a friendly reminder to all coaches regarding the RMN waxing protocol for glide wax standardization for RMN JNQ races held in Colorado.  You can read below what was unanimously approved by the RMN Membership at the spring meeting May 18, 2018 in Minturn, Colorado. The background purpose for the standardization was to have coaches concentrate on coaching and not so much on finding the fastest glide wax.  Also since 2006, RMN has had a policy that the Pure Fluorinated waxes were banded at RMN JNQ races. This will be RMN’s fifth year for this waxing standardization. It proved to be successful the last four winter seasons. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me ASAP.

RMN is expecting adherence to this waxing protocol.  The respective Head Coaches are responsible that all their skiers follow this protocol.  If for some reason a skier does not follow the proposed waxing protocol, they could be subject to disqualified from earning RMN JN Points for RMN JN Selection. Individual skiers who may not belong to an RMN club are also responsible for adhering to the RMN Waxing Protocol.

RMN members at the fall meeting voted unanimously to keep the same waxes as 2017-2018 for the RMN waxing protocol for the 2018-2019 JNQ races. 

  1. Cold Toko LF Blue -22 to 14 (-30c to -10c)
  2. Mid Swix  LF6  14 to 23 (-10c to -5c)
  3. Warm Swix HF8  25 to 39 (-4c to 4c)

The Race Director for each RMN JNQ would notify RMN head coaches of what they believe the under layer or paraffin layer would be by noon two days prior to the first race of a JNQ they are hosting.

It is up to the head coaches of the respective clubs to control adherence to the waxing standardizing with their assistant coaches and parents.

Also if RMN skiers are racing directly with college skiers and are seeded with the college skiers then Pure Fluoro waxes may be allowed.

The last four years questions have come up regarding if could Skiers could use the black waxes in the above waxes.  Also if we could mix any of the above waxes.  The answers are:

It has been determined at the 2016 fall meeting, after a lengthy discussions by all coaches that RMN should adhere to:  

  1. No Black Waxes – Clear waxes only. Keep it simple. Skiers can use their inventory of black waxes up at other races.
  2. No Mixing. Again, keeping it simple with the three (3) waxes we choose that are listed above.

If your club does not have any of these glide waxes, you need to purchase them as soon as possible.  This has been a very democratic process by all clubs attending.  The vote was unanimous and RMN is going to adhere to the process.

Best Regards,
Mike Elliott
RMN Executive Director
970 769-8655