Junior Nationals Staff Application 2020 and Job Descriptions

All coaches are invited to apply to be a part of the RMN JN Staff for Junior Nationals 2020 in Truckee, CA.

The application deadline has passed for staffing 2020 JNs thanks to all who applied.

2020 Junior Nationals will be held in Truckee, CA.

Friday March 6th: Travel to Truckee (some coaches may be needed to drive, likely leaving on March 5th)
Mon 3/9: Individual start Classic
Wed 3/11: Sprint Skate
Fri 3/13: Mass start Skate
Sat 3/14: Relay Classic
Sun 3/15: travel home to Colorado


Deadline to apply- November 1st, 2019 at Midnight Mtn Time, staff will be selected and notified by November 15th, 2019

JN Staff Job Descriptions:

Age Group Coaches (MU16, FU16, MU18/20, FU18/20)

-Responsible for ensuring that your Age Group gets to/from training/race venue when they need to

-assists athletes with training day workouts, warm-up/cool-down, course preview, and ski selection as needed- often communicating with home club coach for suggestions for each athlete

-plan and oversee activities/excursions for athletes outside of racing/training

-assist your age group with application of training kick wax, cleaning of classic skis, etc.

Wax Room Staff

Head Kick Tech

-final decision maker on all things kick

-responsible for applying products on test skis and race skis

-coordinates with glide techs to deliver skis to racers on time


Assistant Kick Tech

-works with Head Kick Tech to apply kick waxes to test and race skis


Head Glide Tech

-final decision maker on glide and structure

-responsible for applying products on test skis and race skis

-coordinates with kick techs to deliver skis to racers on time

Assistant Glide Tech

-works with Head Glide Tech to apply products and structures to test and race skis

Wax testers

-Wax testers ski laps on test skis testing different kick and glide wax products/applications and structures in a blind fashion reporting back on which skis are the best for our racers

-may fill in applying/cleaning skis when necessary


-This person often assists with application of kick wax on training skis, cleaning of test classic skis

– may jump in as a kick wax applier when necessary

-may be asked to cover errands or drive a van shuttle as necessary