Junior Nationals Staff 2020 and Job Descriptions

The RMN 2020 JN Staff will be:

Trip Leader- Adam St.Pierre

Head Coach- August Teague

U16F Age Group Coach- Eva Severus

U16M Age Group Coach- Olof Hedberg

U18/20F Age Group Coach- Lenka Sterling

U18/20M Age Group Coach- Brian Tate

Head Glide Tech- Eric Pepper

Asst Glide Tech- Isaiah St.Pierre

Head Kick Tech- Dan Weiland

Asst Kick Tech- Meghan Cornwall 

Wax Tester- Josh Smullin

Wax Tester- Rob Russell

Wax Tester- Molly Susla

Floater- Duncan Koehn

Floater- Sari Anderson

2020 Junior Nationals will be held in Truckee, CA.

Friday March 6th: Travel to Truckee (some coaches may be needed to drive, likely leaving on March 5th)
Mon 3/9: Individual start Classic
Wed 3/11: Sprint Skate
Fri 3/13: Mass start Skate
Sat 3/14: Relay Classic
Sun 3/15: travel home to Colorado


JN Staff Job Descriptions:

Age Group Coaches (MU16, FU16, MU18/20, FU18/20)

-Responsible for ensuring that your Age Group gets to/from training/race venue when they need to

-assists athletes with training day workouts, warm-up/cool-down, course preview, and ski selection as needed- often communicating with home club coach for suggestions for each athlete

-plan and oversee activities/excursions for athletes outside of racing/training

-assist your age group with application of training kick wax, cleaning of classic skis, etc.

Wax Room Staff

Head Kick Tech

-final decision maker on all things kick

-responsible for applying products on test skis and race skis

-coordinates with glide techs to deliver skis to racers on time


Assistant Kick Tech

-works with Head Kick Tech to apply kick waxes to test and race skis


Head Glide Tech

-final decision maker on glide and structure

-responsible for applying products on test skis and race skis

-coordinates with kick techs to deliver skis to racers on time

Assistant Glide Tech

-works with Head Glide Tech to apply products and structures to test and race skis

Wax testers

-Wax testers ski laps on test skis testing different kick and glide wax products/applications and structures in a blind fashion reporting back on which skis are the best for our racers

-may fill in applying/cleaning skis when necessary


-This person often assists with application of kick wax on training skis, cleaning of test classic skis

– may jump in as a kick wax applier when necessary

-may be asked to cover errands or drive a van shuttle as necessary