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Sunday, January 14th and Monday, January 15th
Hosted by CBNT and Crested Butte Nordic

Crested Butte Nordic
620 2nd St
Crested Butte, CO 81224

Organizing Committee:
Technical Delegate – Quincee Cotton
Assistant Technical Delegate – Paul Moore
Chief of Competition – Brian Dale
Race Secretary – Shelley Dunn, Martin Catmur
Sprint Coordinator – Cathy Frank
Chief of Course – Keith Bauer
Chief of Stadium – Rich Smith
Chief of Operations – Kevin Krill
Chief of Medical – John Holder
Timing and Results – Four Corners Timing

Schedule of Events:
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
NO LATER THAN 7:00PM Entries Due to Four Corner’s Timing
Email race entries to Mike Elliott ( ) – entry form is attached

Friday, January 12, 2018
12:00PM- Entry List will be published and distributed
9:00PM- Start list published

Saturday, January 13, 2018
9AM- Courses open for inspection
5PM- Courses close
*Coaches and athletes ski free, all parents and spectators must purchase a day pass at the Nordic
Center on Saturday and if they wish to ski past race hours on Sunday or Monday
5PM- Team Captains Meeting, upstairs in the Crested Butte Nordic Center, Waivers and Entries
Fees Due

Sunday, January 14th – Classic Sprint
7AM – 9AM – Bib Pick-Up in Race Secretary Tent in the Stadium
Estimated Start Times (start times may be modified by Four Corner Timing) – Sprint Qualifier 15
second intervals
9:00AM – Males Senior/U20/U18/U16 seeded by US Ski and Snowboard points
9:30AM – Females Senior/U20/U18/U16 seeded by US Ski and Snowboard points
9:50AM – MU14….shorter sprint course
10:00AM – MU12…shorter sprint course
10:10AM – FU14…shorter sprint course
10:20AM – FU12…shorter sprint course
10:30AM – MU10/MU8…shorter sprint course
10:40AM – FU10/FU8…shorter sprint course
11:10AM -Begin Mass Starts for MU12, FU12, MU10/MU8, FU10/FU8
12:00AM – Heats Begin, MU20/MU18, FU20/FU18, MU16, FU16, MU14, FU14
● Podium Ceremony for U12 and younger at approx. 12:30. Podium Ceremony for U14s
and older to happen approx. 30 minutes after last age group has completed their finals.

Monday, January 15th – Freestyle Mass Start
8AM-10AM – Bib Pick-UP at the Race Secretary Tent in the Stadium
10AM – Female Senior/FU20/FU18 Mass Start…5k
10:30AM – Male Senior/MU20/MU18 Mass Start…5k
10:55AM – FU16 Mass Start…3.5k Electric Loop
11:15AM – MU16 Mass Start…3.5k Electric Loop
11:30AM – FU14 Mass Start…3k Big Mine
11:45AM – MU14 Mass Start…3k Big Mine
12:00PM – FU12 Mass Start…3k Big Mine
12:15PM – MU12 Mass Start…3k Big Mine
12:30PM – FU10/FU8 Mass Start…1k Meadow Loop
12:45PM – MU10/MU8 Mass Start…1k Meadow Loop
● Awards to follow at appox. 1PM

U16 and older in both genders will race together and be seeded using U.S. Ski & Snowboard
points. Those without points will be scrambled and randomized as one group.

Entry Fees:
U16 and Older – $35 per race
U12 and U14 – $25 per race
U10 and U8 – $10 per race

Course Notes:
We have our full homologated 5k open and skiing well. It is thin but we are maintaining good

No dogs allowed at the race venue.
Trail passes must be bought by parents/spectators on Saturday and if they ski outside of racing
hours on Sunday and Monday. No skiing by parents or spectators allowed on course either day.
Course is open to athletes on Monday during mass starts.
Sprint course is not open to athletes on Sunday.
No parking on Journey’s End Rd
Team Vans may do wax drop off and turn around in the cul-de-sac and park at the Nordic Center
There will be two Porta-Potties located at the intersection of the trail adn Journey’s End Road,
otherwise there are bathrooms in the Nordic Center
We will have one 5,500 Watt Generator for coaches both days but please bring your own
extension cords.

FCT Entry Form CBNT Jan 2018 #1

CBNT Race Liability Waiver

SNSC Races December 16-17, 2017

snsc logo

2017 RMN JNQ Summit County

December 16-17th 2017

Presented by:

Centura Health and Vail Summit Orthopaedics

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

7:00 PM Entries due

Email entries to Mike​​ Elliott from Four Corner’s​​ Timing​​ ( see ​​attached entry form sheet

Thursday, December 14, 2017

12:00 PM Entry list will be published​ ​ and​​ distributed 9:00 PM Start list published

Friday, December ​​16, 2016

12:00 ​​PM Course open for inspection*

4:00 PM Course​ ​ Closes

*Must purchase a trail pass at Frisco Nordic Center ($10)

5:00 PM Team Captain’s meeting (at Frisco Nordic Center)

Please note that all race distances are still approximate. We will be ​ ​working with​​ a race course​ ​ that is roughly a 3K loop with cut offs.​​ Our goal is ​​to ​​make race ​​distances as​​ close​​ as​​ possible to what is listed, ​​but ​​there may be some slight differences.


Saturday, December 16, 2017 Freestyle Interval Start

7:00-10:00 AM Bib Pick up at Frisco Nordic Center

Estimated start times Freestyle 15 sec intervals

10:00 Males Senior/U20/U18/U16……….4km

10:45 Females Senior/U20/U18/U16……4km

11:30 Males U14 ………………………….4km

11:50 Males U12 ………………….……….3km

12:10 Females U14……………………….3km

12:30 Females U12 ……………….………3km

12:50 – Males U10/U8 …………………1km​ ​

13:00Females U10/U8.. ……….……1km

**Awards will take place on SUNDAY ONLY at Frisco Nordic Center**

Sunday, December 17, 2017 Classic Mass Start*

Estimated Start Times Classic Mass Start*

10:00 Females Senior/U20/U18 …..4km

10:30 Males Senior/U20/U18………8km

11:15 Females U16 ………………4km

11:40 Males U16 ………………….4km

12:05Males U14 ………………….3km

12:20 Males U12 …………………..3km

12:35 Females U14 …….…………3km

12:50 Females U12……………….3km

13:15 Males U10/U8 ………………1km

13:20 Females U10/U8……………1km

*Due to limited snow our stadium size we may not be able to accommodate a full mass start. If this is the case ​ ​we will modify start format​​ with​​ a TD and Jury decision.

**Awards will take place at approx. 2pm at Frisco Nordic Center**

***We will award overall weekend winners for each category as well as 1st-3rd division awards for each race***

Team Registration

  • Entries are due to Mike Elliott & Four Corners’​​ Timing by Tuesday, December 12, ​​2017


  • Final payments and scratches due on ​​Friday, December 15, 2017
  • Bibs will be distributed at Frisco Nordic Center on​​ race morning. Athletes will keep​​ their bib for both race days.
  • There will be​​ a $50.00 fee for lost or ​​damaged bibs

Rocky Mountain Nordic Team Individual Entry Fees

  • U16 and ​​older $35 per race
  • U14/U12 ​​ $25 per race
  • U10/U8 $10 per​​ race

Please make checks payable to SNSC

Course Notes, Inspection and Course

We are dealing with extremely low ​ ​snow ​ ​levels, therefore ​ ​we ​ ​will ​​need ​ ​to close the ​ ​course to racers only. If we get more snow and are able to expand the terrain we will do so.

  • Plan on a dry-land warm up.​​ There will not be ​​any on snow warm up ​​terrain. We realize this is far from ideal, but are trying to make the best of ​​our ​​snow situation.


U16 and older in both genders will race together ​ ​and be seeded using U.S. Ski &​​ Snowboard points. Those without points will be scrambled ​ ​and randomized as one group.​ ​ Order of seed groups and number​ ​ of skiers in each seed groups ​​will be determined by​​ Race Jury.​​ Results turned into U.S. Ski & Snowboard for scoring will be one race. Results for​​ RMN will be separated by class and gender. U14 ​ ​and younger ​​seeding will be randomized within​​ each gender and class.

Sunday’s seeding for mass start will be based on USSA points for U16 U20 for both ​ ​men and women. All other groups will be seeded based on the ​​previous day’s results.


  • Team vans will have reserved parking in the ​​lots adjacent to the waxing area.
  • Bathrooms will be available please make sure you​​ instruct your athletes ​​to be tidy
  • Additional bathrooms will be provided near the start/finish​​ (outside)
  • All wax ​​tents must have 40lb weights on each corner​​. We will be inspected by the fire marshal.


This race would not be possible without the support of our community partners. The Town ofBreckenridge has been an extremely important partner in providing an​​ excellent​​ venue, ​​course and support. A special thanks to​​ the Town of​​ Frisco which​​ has​​ provided tremendous resources to ​​help us with an​​ alternate venue due to​​ lack of snow. Additional sponsors​​ include:

friso 1st bank peak-a-boo Organizing Committee

Chief​ ​of​ ​Comp ​ -​ ​ Peter​ ​ Haynes​

Chief​ ​of​ ​Course​ ​-​ ​Todd​ ​Smith

Chief ​ of​ ​ Stadium​ ​ -​ ​ Yves​​ ​Piecoup

Race​ ​Secretary​ ​-​ ​Whitney​ ​Hedberg

Volunteer ​ Director​ ​ -​ ​ Laura​ ​ Tayman​

Chief ​​of​ ​Medical​ ​-​ ​Tom​ ​Resignolo

FCT Entry Form SNSC Dec 2017

SNSC Waiver Dec 2017