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Grand Mesa Nordic Council First Snow USSA Sanctioned Race Dec 7-8, 2013

2013 Grand Mesa Nordic Council

First Snow NRL Race

 Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8, 2013

Hosted by:

The Grand Mesa Nordic Council (


Tuesday, December 3


Deadline   for NRL racer registration (citizen and novice racers may register on race   day if necessary)

Wednesday, December 4


Preliminary   NRL entry list published for review

Thursday, December 5


Deadline   for corrections to entry list


Start   lists published

Friday, December 6


Course   open for inspection


Course   Closes

Saturday, December 7

Classic Individual 15-Second Interval Starts

8:30-:10AM Registration     and bib pickup
9:30AM Coaches     Meeting
10:20     AM Course     Closed
10:30AM 5K     Classic Men (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
11:15AM 5k     Classic Women (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
11:55     AM 3K     Classic Men J3
12:00     PM 3K     Classic Men J4
12:20PM 3K     Classic Women J3
12:25PM 3K     Classic Women J4
12:55PM 1K     Classic Men (J5, J6)
1:00     PM 1K     Classic Women (J5, J6)
1:15     PM 5K     Classic Citizens Race MASS START
1:20     PM 5K     Classic Men Novice
1:25     PM 5km     Classic Women Novice

Sunday,     December 8

Skate Mass     Start

8:00AM-8:30 Registration     and Bib Pickup
8:50AM Course     Closed
9:00AM 10k     Skate Men (Senior, OJ/J1)
9:50AM 5k     Skate Women (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
10:20AM 5K     Skate Men (J2)
10:50AM 3K     Skate Men J3
10:55AM 3K     Skate Men J4
11:15AM 3K     Skate Women J3
11:20AM 3K     Skate Women J4
11:45AM 1K     Skate Men (J5/J6)
12:00PM 1K     Skate Women (J5/J6)
12:30     PM 5km     Skate CITIZENS MASS START
12:35PM 5km     Skate Men Novice
12:40     PM 5km     Skate Women Novice


  • Citizen and novice (racers age 12+ who are not racing for USSA points) are the only categories that may registration race day. Race day registration closes at 12:45 pm Saturday and 12pm Sunday.
  • Citizen/Novice entry fee $15 per race ($10 GMNC members).


  • TEAM ENTRY DEADLINE IS Tuesday, December 4
  • Email Christie ( for a registration sheet and waivers.
  • A USSA waiver is required for all non-USSA members.
  • Bibs will be collected at the finish on Sunday.
  • DNS and DNF bibs must be returned to the finish crew – no one else.
  • There will be a $50 fee for lost or damaged bibs.


Entry fees for GMNC First Snow NRL:

  • Elite/J2-OJ:                $35 per race
  • J3-J4                            $25 per race
  • J5-J6:                           $15

Trail Fees are included.

Make checks payable to GMNC.



  • Backwards skiing on race courses at any time is strictly forbidden.
  • Never cross the finish line unless you are finishing your race.
  • Non-racers/Non-coaches are forbidden to ski on course at any time.
  • Skiers warming up on course must ski with their bibs inside out.
  • Saturday
    • All courses close at 9:50am
    • Sunday
      • Courses will remain open for inspection until 8:50am.
      • Classic tracks will be set single track best line. May change based on snow conditions.
      • Warm-up Areas
        • Snow dependant


Seed orders may be adjusted dependent on conditions and jury decision.

FIS/USSA = The lower of a skier’s FIS or USSA points.

Saturday: Individual Start

  • Female J2 and older, Male J1 and older:
  • Run BAC
  • “A” Top 15 USSA points random draw
  • “B” All remaining USSA points, lowest to highest
  • “C” No points, random draw
    • J2 Boys:
    • Run AB
  • “A” USSA points random draw
  • “B” No points, random draw
    • J3 and younger:
  • Random draw

 Sunday:  Mass Start

        For Senior, OJ/J1/J2 USSA distance points, then USSA members without points, then results from Saturday’s race.

J3/J4/J5/J6 based on Saturday’s race.


 Technical Delegate:               Quincee  Cotton*

  • Assistant TD:                         TBA*
  • Chief of Competition:           Dave Aschwanden*
  • Chief of Course:                     Toby Morse
  • Chief of Stadium:                   Annie Murphy
  • Timing:                                   Four Corners Timing

 * Race Jury


Cancellation policy: if snow conditions are insufficient to hold the race Dec 7/8, race may be rescheduled for the following weekend. Final decision will be announced at 7pm Tuesday, Dec. 3 and posted at

Venue is Skyway Trail System (east off of Highway 65, Mesa, Colorado). There are no mandatory trail fees, but users are encouraged to make contributions at the donation boxes located at the trailhead. GMNC memberships and donations fund grooming operations.

Registration and bib pickup at the warming hut at Skyway. (From the parking lot, head toward the left down the hill, follow signs.)

There is no power at Skyway. If you plan to bring a generator for waxing, please set up away from the  start/finish area. We will have a practice loop and space for ski testing near the  warming hut (to the north of the parking lot).

Results will be posted on a board near the finish.

There is no electricity at the venue.  Teams are encouraged to set up their wax tables to the north of the start/finish area (near the warming hut).

There is no running water at the venue.  Please bring your own water and water bottles.  We will have some water and sports drink, but supplies will be limited.  GMNC encourages its users to bring their own water bottles or cups in an effort to reduce waste.

Race Course will be available for inspection on Friday 12/6 at 12:00PM. There will be no fee for this.

There will be a 15 minute protest period after the posting of the unofficial results.

There will be technique controllers on the classic course on Saturday.

Awards will be announced and presented at the podium area near the start/finish area shortly following the finalization of results.

Parking: Only two vehicles per team will be allowed at the Skyway trailhead.  Other vehicles must be parked at the County Line or Mesa Top parking areas, located a couple miles south of Skyway  off Highway 65. Both lots have a small changing area and restrooms.  Please see map:

Weather: Please check updated weather here:

GMNC is looking for volunteers.  If any parents are available to help, please contact Christie 970-856-6783.  Or email the race:


The following lodges are offering accommodations for the race. Mention that you’re coming for the GMNC race to get race pricing.

Alexander Lake lodge

7 cabins for rent. Located about 15 min away from Skyway,

Rates: $100 to $250 per night. Cabins sleep 2 -9 people each.

Amenities: Kitchens, bathrooms, flat screen TV’s with cable, and new beds and bedding. Facilities feature a full bar, pool room, library and dinning area.

Dining: The lodge restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ph: 970-856-2539


The Cedaredge Lodge

9  rooms available. Located about 25 minutes from Skyway.

Rates: $79 to $109 per night.

Amenities: Kitchenettes, hot tub, game room (ping pong, skee-ball, table hockey, popcorn machine, etc.), and professional massage.

Dining: Meals made to order, for guests only. Full bar service.

810 N. Grand Mesa Drive
Cedaredge, Colorado 81413

Ph: (970) 856-3727


Goldenwoods Condominiums at Powderhorn

1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos available.  Located 20 minutes from Skyway.

Rates: 1 bedroom which sleeps 4, $139 per night

2 bedroom which sleeps 6 (2 per bed) $189 per night

3 bedroom which sleeps 8 (2 per bed) $249 per night

Ph: 970-268-5040


Summit Nordic Ski Club RMN JNQ Information Feb 22 & 23, 2013


Friday-Saturday, February 22-23

Hosted by:  Summit Nordic Ski Cljub


Frisco Nordic Center

Team Information Sheet


Monday, February 18
7:00PM Entry deadline. Entries may be scratched at registration for no charge
Tuesday, February 19
7:00PM Preliminary lists published for review
Wednesday, February 20
12:00PM Deadline for corrections to Preliminary Start List
5:00PM Official Start Lists Published
Thursday, February 21
12:00PM Course open for inspection
5:00PM Course Closes
4:30-5:30PM Preliminary registration and bib pickup
7:30PM Parent Social at the Sandberg Residence (0223 CR 1041, Frisco

Julie Sandberg cell: 970-389-2585)

Friday, February 22
Classic Mass Start
7:00-8:00AM Registration and bib pickup
8:00AM Coaches Meeting
8:50AM Course Closed
9:00AM 10k Classic (MS, MOJ, MJ1)
9:45AM 5K Classic  (MJ2)
10:15AM 5k Classic (FS, FOJ, FJ1)
10:45AM 5K Classic (FJ2)
11:15AM 3k Classic MJ3
11:30AM 3k Classic FJ3
11:45AM 3k Classic MJ4
12:00AM 3k Classic FJ4
12:15AM 1k Classic J5
12:30AM 1k Classic J6
Saturday, February 23
Skate Individual 30-Second Interval Starts
7:00-8:00AM Registration and bib pickup
8:50AM Course Closed
9:00AM 10k Classic (MS, MOJ, MJ1)
9:45AM 5K Classic  (MJ2)
10:15AM 5k Classic (FS, FOJ, FJ1)
10:45AM 5K Classic (FJ2)
11:15AM 3k Classic MJ3
11:30AM 3k Classic FJ3
11:45AM 3k Classic MJ4
12:00AM 3k Classic FJ4

1k Classic J5&6


  • Email entries to Mike Elliot at (
  • Email Joe ( for a registration sheet and waivers.
  • An SNSC waiver is required for each competitor
  • A USSA waiver is required for all non-USSA members.
  • Preliminary entry lists will be sent out on Tuesday evening for review.
  • Start lists will be posted on the Four Corner’s website ( Wednesday evening.
  • Bibs will be collected at the finish.
  • DNS and DNF bibs must be returned to the finish crew – not anyone else.
  • There will be a $50 fee for lost or damaged bibs.


Entry fees for Summit NRL:

  • Elite/J2-OJ:                 $35 per race
  • J3 & J4:                       $25 per race
  • J5-J6:                           $20
  • There will be a $10 fee for any additions or changes after 7pm February 18, 2013.

Trail Fees are included.

Make checks payable to SNSC.



  • Backwards skiing on race courses at any time is strictly forbidden.
  • Never cross the finish line unless you are finishing your race.
  • Non-racers/Non-coaches are forbidden to ski on course at any time.
  • Skiers warming up on course must ski with their bibs inside out.
  • Friday
    • All courses close at 8:50
    • Classic tracks will be set double track best line. May change based on snow conditions.
    • Saturday
      • Courses will remain open for inspection until 8:50.
      • Warm-up Areas
        • Snow dependant


Seed orders may be adjusted dependent on conditions and jury decision.

FIS/USSA = The  lower of a skier’s FIS or USSA points.

Friday:  Mass Start

  • OJ/J1 by USSA points
  • J2 Based on last four JNQ Races
  • No RMN points, random draw
  • J3 and youngers Based on last four JNQ Races.

Saturday:  Interval Start

  • · OJ/J1 by USSA points.  Three to four seed groups and random draw within each seed group
  • J2 Based on last four JNQ Races.  Two to three seed groups and random draw within each seed group
  • · J3 and younger Based on last four JNQ Races and two seed groups and random draw within each seed group


Technical Delegate:               Doug Ouren*

  • Assistant TD:                         Dr. Dave Greenberg*
  • Chief of Competition:            TA Rosko*
  • Chief of Course:                     Mike Shell
  • Chief of Stadium:                   Melker Sandberg
  • Race Secretary:                     Brenda McDonnell
  • Chief of Medical:                    Jim McDonnell
  • Timing:                                   Four Corners Timing

* Race Jury:  TA Rosko, Doug Ouren, and Dr. Dave Greenberg



Friday the stadium will be at the Frisco Nordic Center

Saturday the stadium will be located at the corner of Recreation Way and Crown Point Rd.  (stadium from 2007 NRL).


There will be no power in the stadium either day.

Parking: We will have parking attendants helping you.  Parking is limited at the Nordic Center.  Only Team Vans will be able to park close to the stadium on Saturday. Primary parking for Saturday will be across the highway in the St. Anthony’s Medical Center parking lot. Please follow parking attendant directions.

Trail Fees: Trail fees FOR RACERS are included in the entry fee. All spectators wishing to ski must pay for a trail pass at the Frisco Nordic Center.

Protest: There will be a 15 minute protest period after the posting of the unofficial results.

There will be at least 4 technique controllers on the classic course on Friday.

Lodging Information:

Discounted rates starting at $92.99 available at Best Western Lake Dillon Lodge: Please call hotel directly (800)727 0607 and ask for Summit Nordic Ski Club rate.

Discounted rates available at Frisco Holiday Inn when booking through Sales Director and asking for Summit Nordic Ski Club rate.  Please email andyb@newvisionhotels or call Andy Bradford 970 668 5000.

Durango RMN JNQ March 2 & 3, 2013 Information

Durango Nordic Ski Club

Pediatric Partners of The Southwest Junior National Qualifying Race

And RMN J3 & Younger Championships

Information March 2 & 3, 2013

Racing Both Days Will Be At The Durango Mountain Resort Nordic Center

Schedule of Events

Tuesday February 26, 2013

  • 7pm Entries due to Mike Elliott.  Email (  970 769-8655  for Questions
  • Attempt to indicate to DNSC how many people will be attending the Awards Dinner on Saturday night and Parents Social Friday night.

Thursday February 28, 2013

  • 9pm Start lists for both the Sprint Qualification and the Mass Start Race sent out and posted on Four Corners Timing Web Site

Friday March 1, 2013

  • 1pm Courses Open for Inspection.  Course closes at 4pmNO Trail Fees for racers, coaches, and parents for  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Trail Fees are covered by the entry fees.

  • 5pm – 6pm Registration and Bib Pick-up.  Location:  Needham Elementary School 2455 W Third Ave.  School Library.  24th street go west two blocks.  Turn left on West Third Ave. Go one half block turn right on Weston Street (Tennis Courts). Go one-half block.  Park in parking lot on your right.  Enter on the South side of the school at main entrance. 

  • 6pm – 7pm Team Captains’ Meeting Everyone must have a DNSC Waiver and a USSA Waiver before bibs will be issued.  All Team Leaders should have a representative at the Team Captains’ Meeting.

  • 7pm – 8:30pm Parent’s Social:  Home of  Marc and Jane Katz.  3051 East Fifth Avenue, Durango.  From Main Avenue turn east at the stoplight at 32nd street (at North Main City Market).  You will almost immediately cross over the Animas River.  Turn right at the first street after the river that is East Third Avenue.  Go one block.  Turn left (east) at the Stop sign on 31st street.  Go two blocks.  Turn right (south) on East Fifth Avenue.  3051 is the second house on the west side of East Fifth Avenue.  The hosts for the event are Marc and Jane Katz, Bob and Mary Oswald and all the Durango Nordic Ski Club Families.

Saturday March 1, 2013. Sprint  Race Freestyle Technique Durango Mountain Resort Nordic Center

7am – 8:45am Final Registration and Bib Pick-up at The Tierra Home 18 Nordic Court (AKA Competition Building) next to the ski Stadium for anyone who did not go to the Team Leader’s meeting. No Late Entries Accepted Race Day

  • 8:50am Sprint Courses are closed except to coaches with proper bibs
  • 9am Race Start Time

Order of Start for Qualifying Race:  15 Second Interval.

  • OJ/J1/J2 Males
  • OJ/J1/J2 Females
  • J3 Males
  • J4 Males
  • J3 Females
  • J4 Females
  • J5 & J6 Males & Females

10:45am Heats Begin

There will be heats in all classes.  Five minutes between heats.

24 move on J2 & Older from Qualifying Race.  12 move on J3 & Younger from Qualifying Race.  Top three in each heat move on to next heat.  B Finals for J2 and older Classes Only.

5:30pm  Official Race Weekend Awards Dinner at Durango High School Cafeteria 2390 Main Avenue.

Yellow Carrot is the caterer with Baked Potato Bar served with pulled pork, crispy pepperoni, candies bacon, sauteed mushrooms and grilled zucchini and all the other predictable fixins’. Vegetarian and gluten free options available.  Cold Beverages.  Key lime pie bars for dessert.

$12 per person

Awards from Saturday’s Sprint races will be presented.

Sunday March 3, 2013 Mass Start Race Classic Technique Durango Mountain Resort Nordic Center

7am – 8:45am Bib Pick-up at Tierra Group Home 18 Nordic Court

8:50am Skate Courses are closed except to coaches with proper bibs

9am Race Start Time Mass  Start

Order of Start

OJ/J1 Males                                                  5km                    9am These Start Times Could Be Subject

OJ/J1 Females                                               5km                    9:30am to change

J2 Males                                                        5km                    10:00am

J2 Females                                                     5Km                   10:30am

J3 Males                                                         3km                   11:00am

J3 Females                                                     3km                    11:20am

J4 Males                                                         3km                    11:40am

J4 Females                                                     3km                    12:00pm

J5 & J6 Males and Females                        1.5km                 12:15pm

Awards: Immediately following the completion of each class

12:30pm RMN meeting regarding RMN JN Team at the Tierra Group Home 18 Nordic Court Second Floor

1:pm RMN J3 and younger champions named and awards presented.

RMN Junior National Team Named outside the Tierra Group Home 18 Nordic Court

1:25pm – 2:25pm RMN JN Team Processing at The Tierra Group, LLC Home at 18 Nordic Court on the property of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe


  • Wavier and Release of Liability: Every competitor must have a signed DNSC Waiver and Release of Liability and a signed USSA Waiver and Release of Liability

  • Racing Bibs: Ski Racers will use the same race bib for the Sprint Qualifier on Saturday and the Mass Start on Sunday. Bibs will be collected after Sunday’s Mass Start race. $60 fee for missing or damaged bibs.  Paper bibs will be issued for the Heats on Saturday.

  • Bathrooms: The Nordic Center has two Porto Potties and there will be three Porto Potties next to the start and finish area in the ski Stadium. 

  • Waxing: There is electricity for waxing next to the ski stadium.  At Nordic Court.  Waxing will be outside.        NOTE:  PURE FLOURO waxes are banned at DNSC JNQ races.  HF waxes are approved for use.  This policy of RMN banning Pure Fluorinated waxes at Junior National Qualifying races goes back to 2001.  This is a gentleman’s agreement among all the RMN ski clubs and their coaches participating in JNQ races.  The reason for the ban is to help control the expenses for waxes by RMN ski clubs.

  • Parking: We will have parking attendants helping you.  Parking is limited at the Nordic Center.  Only Team Vans will be able to park close to the Nordic Court Ski Stadium.  Enter Tacoma Drive south of the Nordic Center and go east.  We will try and accommodate as many cars as possible at the Nordic Center and on Tacoma Drive.  Parking maps and Parking Passes for team vans will be distributed at the Team Captain’s meeting 6pm on Thursday March 1, 2013.  We should be able to accommodate family members and spectators on Tacoma Drive or Nordic Center.  If parking is full at those areas, parking is available at DMR parking lots.  Take a DMR shuttle to Tacoma Drive or the Nordic Center.  It is a short walk to the stadium from there.  DMR shuttle starts operating at 8am.

  • Entries: Due by Tuesday February 26, 2013, 7pm.  Only email entries will be accepted.  Email to Mike Elliott at ( You must use the Durango Nordic Entry Form.  Please be sure to indicate in what races each skier will be participating.      

  • Entry Fee: For Each Race:   J2 and Older $35. J3 & J4 $25. J5 & J6 $20

  • Official Awards Dinner: $12 per person.  Please give us an estimate of how many will be attending by Tuesday February 26, 2013.

  • Payment: Checks payable to DNSC (Durango Nordic Ski Club) Please pay for both races and Awards Dinner at the Team Captains meeting and Registration on Friday evening March 1, 2013 at 5pm at Needham Elementary School in Library. 

  • Late Entries or Changes: $10 fee for any additions or changes after 7pm Tuesday February 26, 2013.  Late entries and changes will be accepted until 5pm Friday March 1, 2013.  There will be no race day entries accepted.
  • Lost or Damaged Race Bibs will be subject to a $60 fee.

  • Seeding For Saturday’s Sprint Qualifying Race and Sunday’s Mass Start: J1 and Older seeding will be done directly off of the USSA NRL points list, then Rocky Mountain Nordic Points List, then random draw.  J2 will be done off RMN Points List then random draw.  For J3, J4, J5 Seeding will be done off  the RMN J3 and younger points list from the six RMN JNQ races, then random draw.
  • Only Coaches with a COACHES’ Identification will be allowed on race courses during races.
  • Timing both days: Four Corners’s Timing.  Sprint Heats will not be timed.

  • Lodging Information and Reservations:  Durango Mountain Resorts 800 525-0892    or   Gateway Reservations 800 828-4228

Organizing Committee:

Chief of Competition:                                Mike Elliott

Assistant Chief of Competition:                Gary Colliander and Evan Elliott

Technical Delegate                                    Doug Ouren

Assistant Technical Delegate                 Toni Geer

Race Secretary                                           Helen Low

Asst Race Secretary                                  Nancy Agro

Chief of Course                                            Brent Brown

Chief of Stadium                                       John Ott

Chief of Timing                                         Mark Pastore

Chief of Posting Results                            Scott Kurlander

Chief of Start                                             Jamie Wienk

Asst Chief of Start                                     Diane Cassidy

Awards                                                       Mike Elliott

Media Relations                                         Jeanne Pastore

Medical                                                      Kim Dalen, Dr. Dave Greenberg, Dr. Brenda Huffman, Dr. Dave Sigurslid

Banquet Coordinators                                Briggen Wrinkle

Chief of Course Marshalls                         Jana Freeburn

Chief of Announcing                                  Andy Cora

Asst Chief of Announcing                          Mary Oswald

RMN JNQ Moved From Boulder to Frisco

The third weekend of Rocky Mountain Junior National Qualifying races scheduled for Boulder and Lake Eldora on Friday and Saturday February 221 & 23, 2013 has been moved to Frisco, Colorado because of a lack of ample snow at the Nordic Center at Lake Eldora.

Mass start races will be Friday using Classic technique and Interval start races will be Saturday using the Freestyle technique.  Both days will be 10km for OJ/J1 males, 5km for OJ/J1 females, J2 females and males.  J3 and J4 will be 3km and J5 will be 1km. Summit Nordic Ski Club is working hard to get the details of organizing the races and more information will follow.

J1 Scando News From Trondheim, Norway

Adam St.Pierre, one of the trip leaders for the US Ski Team U18 Nation’s cup competition wrote the following from Norway.  Colorado RMN skiers attending are Keegan Swirbul (AVSC), Cal DeLine (SSCV), Cully Brown (SSCV), Haakon Sigurslid (DNSC), Evan Weinman (SSWSC), Gretchen Burkholder (SSWSC), and Hailey Swirbul (AVSC).

We’ve been in Norway for a few days and nights now. We are getting adjusted to the time change and into the routine and experimenting with some new foods! It sounds like most of your kids aren’t sending very good updates home, so here’s one from me! Also, check out the J1 Team page on Facebook for some pictures. We are working to get the J1 Trip blog ( updated for this year, hopefully tonight (trouble with passwords…)

Breakfast is served buffet style and includes a variety of foods, both familiar and foreign. Some kids are more adventurous than others. Lunch and Supper are served sit down style. Lunch at 12:30, supper at 6. We then have dinner (evening meal) at 8:30. Dinner strongly resembles breakfast.

We usually ski right after breakfast, today we’ll ski in the afternoon under the lights, to prepare for tomorrow’s night sprint. The sun rises around

9:30 and sets at 3:30. Many of the trails are lighted, but we’ve skiied in daylight so far. The people of Trondheim wear reflective high vis garments pretty much all the time, from what I can tell.

The venue is about a 15 minute drive from the hotel, which is right in downtown Trondheim. The other teams arrived last night so we’ll see them today I’m sure. There are 70 girls registered for the races this weekend and

94 boys. There are 6 athletes each from the US, Swe, Est, and Fin. There are the top 6 Nor athletes, who will be scored for nations cup points, then there are dozens of additional Nor athletes who will be here with their home clubs. The kids are nervous about the level of competition, hopefully their nerves result in positive energy!

The venue is called Granasen. They had tons of snow and great skiing from Oct-Dec. but 2 weeks of warm temps and rain wiped it all out just after New Years. They’ve been making snow and trucking it all over the courses. They are hoping to have all the trails for racing prepared today, so far we haven’t been able to train specifically on the course, because no one knows what it will be. The stadium is situated such that you must climb a pretty big hill to leave it, so the courses will all contain some hills. The trails are teared for great spectating from the stadium area which contains bleacher seating for a few hundred people. hopefully we get some spectators for the weekend!

Friday’s classic sprint qualification starts at 4pm. with heats from 5:30-7pm. Saturday are individual start skate races. We won’t start until 11:30am, girls 5km first, then boys 10km. Prior to our races are some open races that will see younger athletes, J6-J2 age. There are 100 athletes or more registered in each class, so the courses will be well skiied in! Sunday is the relay, starting at 10am. Girls will do 3 by 3km, boys 3 by 5km. The first leg is classic, the second 2 skate.

Our hotel is a few blocks from a huge mall, and right next door to a movie theater, movies are in english, with Norwegian subtitles. Everything is expensive here! Tonight we’ll go bowling after dinner. After the races we’ll do some fun stuff. Monday we’ll go to Norways’ biggest water park and go for an evening ski. Tuesday we’ll take a train ride to Roros and go for a long ski there, as well as check out the 1800s era mining town. Wednesday we’ll go to Meraker for a long ski, and maybe to check out the ski school there.

This was the school of Peter Northug. His youngest brother will be competing in the J1 races this weekend. I think our boys can whoop him!

Adam St.Pierre, M.S.

Pure Fluoro Waxes Banned For Some Classes At Vail JNQ

Mike Elliott, Executive Director for Rocky Mountain Nordic sent an email to RMN Coaches and RMN Skiers that for RMN Junior National Qualifying races, RMN usually bans the expensive pure Fluoro waxes.  However there are exceptions when RMN skiers compete directly against skiers, like college skiers, for USSA points and those skiers can use the expensive pure Fluoro waxes.  That is the case in the DU Invitational and RMN JNQ race January 19 & 20, 2013 in Minturn at Maloit Park.

On Saturday January 19, 2013, Female RMN OJ/J1/J2  and Male OJ/J1 skiers are eligible to use Pure Fluoro waxes.  Pure Fluoro waxes are banned for all other RMN skiers.  On Sunday January 20, 2013, Female and Male RMN OJ/J1 skiers are eligible to use pure Fuoro waxes.  Pure Fluoro waxes are banned for all other RMN Skiers.

The pure Fluoro waxes are the waxes that cost at retail $120 – $195 and can wax four to eight pair of skis.  Everyone is approved to use the Highly Fluoronated (HF) waxes.

SSCV JNQ & DU Invitational Jan 19 & 20, 2013 Information

January 19th-20th, 2013

Hosted by: Ski & Snowboard Club Vail & University of Denver

Team Information Sheet

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

7:00 PM Entries due

Email entries to Mike Elliott from Four Corner’s Timing ( – see attached entry form sheet

Thursday, January 17, 2013

12:00 PM Entry list will be published and distributed

6:00 PM Start list published

Friday, January 18, 2013

10:00 AM Course open for inspection

3:00 PM Course Closes

Saturday, January 19, 2013 Freestyle Interval Start

7:00-8:30 AM- Bib pick up

8:00 AM – coaches meeting

Estimated start times –

9:00 – Females Senior/OJ/J1/J2 ….5km

10:10 – Males Senior/OJ/J1………10km

11:20 – Males J2 …………………..5km

11:50 – Males J3/J4 ……………….3km

12:20 – Females J3/J4 …………….3km

12:45 – Males J5/6 …………………2km

12:50 – Females J5/6 ………………2km

Sunday January 20, 2013 Classic Mass Start

9:00 – Males Senior/MOJ/J1……..15km

10:20 – Females Senior/MOJ/J1….10km

11:00 – Males J2 ……………………5km

11:25 – Females J2 …………………5km

11:55 – Males J3 ……………………3km

12:05 – Males J4 ……………………3km

12:15 – Females J3 …………………3km

12:25 – Females J4 …………………3km

12:30 – Males J5 ……………………2km

12:35 – Females J5 …………………2km

Team Registration

  • Entries are due to Mike Elliott & Four Corners’ Timing by Tuesday, January 15, 2013 7:00PM
  • Bibs will be distributed in the school
  • There will be a $50.00 fee for lost or damaged bibs

Rocky Mountain Nordic Team Individual Entry Fees

  • J2 and older – $35 per race
  • J3/J4 – $25 per race
  • J5/J6 – $20 per race

Please make checks payable to SSCV

Course Notes, Inspection and Course,

  • No backwards skiing on course at anytime
  • Coaches and athletes will be the only skiers allowed on course that day


Seeding will be by FIS/USSA points


  • Buses will park in the bus circle of VSSA (old Minturn Middle School)
  • The gymnasium will be open for athletes and coaches.  We will provide a waxing area within the gym for a limited amount of tables and teams.  We will also have power and a coaches’ area near the start finish
  • Team Vans will be allowed to park behind the school
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms will be available – please make sure you instruct your athletes to be tidy
  • Additional bathrooms will be provided near the start/finish (outside)

RMN Skiers Qualify For USST European Trips

At the recently completed USSA National Championships at Soldier Hollow, Utah Jan 2 – 8, 2013, Rocky Mountain qualified 10 skiers to US Ski Team Trips.  In the J1 Scando Championship Team, RMN placed five out of the six on the Men’s Team.  See below.

RMN also pre-qualified 16 skiers for the Junior Nationals in Fairbanks, AK March 8 – 11, 2013.  Even the oldest alumni cross country skiers in Colorado can not remember so many young skiers pre-qualifying for the Junior Nationals.

U18 Championships Team (J1 Trip) Trondheim, Norway Jan 13 – 25, 2013:


Keegan Swirbul J1 Aspen Valley SSC
Cal Deline J1 SSC Vail
Cully Brown J1 SSC Vail
Hamish McEwen J1 Stratton Mt School
Haakon Sigurslid J1 Durango Nordic
Evan Weinman J1 Steamboat Springs WSC


Katharine Ogden J2 Stratton Mt School
Nicole Bathe J1 Central Cross Country Team
Gretchen Burkholder J1 Steamboat Springs WSC
Julia Kern J2 Cambridge Sports Union
Heidi Halvorsen J1 Green Mt Valley School
Hailey Swirbul J2 Aspen Valley SSC

Junior World Ski Championship Team:  Liberec, Czech Republic Jan 12 – 28, 2013


Logan Hanneman MOJ University of Alaska Fairbanks
Benjamin Saxton MOJ FAST Performance Training
Tucker McCrerey MOJ University of Utah
Kyle Bratrud MOJ Northern Michigan University
Sawyer Kesselheim MOJ
Forest Mahlen MOJ APU Nordic Ski Center


Mary O `Connell FOJ Dartmouth College
Corey Stock FOJ Dartmouth College
Heather Mooney FOJ Middlebury College
Anika Miller FJ1 Payette Lakes Sports
Sloan Storey FOJ University of Utah
Emily Hannah FOJ SSWSC – Harvard

Colorado University Invitational Sat & Sun Jan 12 & 13, 2013 Steamboat Springs

University of Colorado Invitational

Spencer J. Nelson Memorial

HOST: University of Colorado, Boulder

LOCATION: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

DATES: January 12-13, 2013;


January 12               Men’s 20k Mass Free, Women’s 15k Mass Free

January 13                Women’s 5k Ind. CL,  Men’s 10k Ind. CL,

9:00 AM Start Time both days


Send entries via email to Brian Tate at: using the attached template (4 corner’s timing) and copy me on your entries at

ENTRY FEES: R.M.I.S.A.                 $250.00 per sex (Up to seven athletes per team / 2 races)

Individuals                 $35 per individual

ENTRY DEADLINE: January 8, 2013

Seeding: FIS/USSA points,

LICENSES: USSA / FIS Sanctioned Event

T.C. MEETINGS: January 11, 2013, 6:00 Howelsen Olympia Hall

RACE ORGANIZER: University of Colorado Ski Team, Bruce Cranmer, Brian Tate SSWSC

OFFICIALS: Technical Delegate    Doug Ouren          

Assistant TD              Tom Scrimgeour

Chief of Race             Nick Rose

MEDIA/SPORTS INFO: Curtis Snyder (303) 492-3139,

AWARDS: After the races on Sunday the 13th

Trail Fee: Friday- $5, Prior days $10

INVITED TEAMS: University of Alaska, Anchorage, University of Denver, Montana State University,                   University of Utah, University of Colorado, University of New Mexico, University of Wyoming, Colorado Mountain College, Westminster College

Steamboat Springs XC Ski Race Dec 22, 2012

Howelsen Hill Winter Solstice XC Ski Race ~ 12/22/2012

The race is a partnership between SSWSC XC + Steamboat Springs Nordic Council

Race is categorized by distance not age~ distances are 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k~technique is racer’s choice.

Presently, we have a 2.5k lap prepared. This could be lengthened to a 5k lap if sufficient snow falls.

Registration forms should be sent to – individual or team.  Questions and registration forms can be obtained from Brian Tate.  970 764-7678.

Payment will be accepted at registration Saturday morning- cash or check

There is a waiver to be signed on the individual registration form- all racers should fill out the waiver and bring it to registration.

v Teams should use the Team entry form

Registration will be stationed out of the Medical Shed to the right of the grand stands in the Rodeo Grounds.

Power, Bathrooms, and trail access will be near the Medical Shed

Race bib is trail pass. Not racing, but want to ski, buy trail pass at Howelsen Lodge.

There is a large Alpine race taking place 12/22 and Howelsen Lodge will be packed. Competitors are encouraged to park at the Rodeo Grounds where the XC race will be taking place.