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An Update from West Yellowstone 2015

West Yellowstone Pic

Written by a member of the Crested Butte Nordic Team

Dear fellow Nordorks,

I bring word from the front lines of nordic training. This morning was so cold that Jack Frost more than nipped at our noses despite the fact that Thanksgiving has only just passed. We were all alone on the battleground of the Nordic trails at 9:00 am this morning save for the kind gentleman who checks our tags. I suppose this means we are warriors.  Meanwhile, in the undercarriage of our temporary home, the Nerf war rages on with no sign of a cease-fire on the frosty horizon. The civilians have taken to arming themselves with pillows. It is a crude yet effective defense, since the participants of the war are primarily targeting each other; although occasionally the civilians are caught in the crossfire. I’m not sure if Kai or Woody is winning, to be honest it’s rather hard to tell.  

The adults have once again risen to the challenge of feeding our crew with nothing less than magnificence. And yet I struggle to compete with the goblins (Looking at you, Aiden) that raid the refrigerator after our morning ski. Austin and Molly encourage us to eat as much as we can, and the goblins have taken this literally. I fear it is not enough, and that they will soon hunger for human flesh if we do not keep on par with our daily offerings of turkey, sandwich makings and hot chocolate. fortunately, the parents are more than competent enough to address this need.

After our morning jog we train twice a day, and rest in between. This work is hard, but we recover quickly and by the time the Nerf War has resumed in the evening we have miraculously found the strength to take part. Perhaps it is the coffee from Free Heel and Wheel, the local coffee shop at which we spend a considerable amount of free time. Maybe we are just becoming more powerful.

The days are cold, but we bear it willingly, since the snow is not only fluffy and soft, but there is lots of it. I am actually grateful for the dry chill since it means the packing/flinging capacity of the snow is low, therefore the dryness of my face and clothes has been raised exponentially.

Despite cold and the war and the goblins, my spirits are high. The companions that are here with me make this frigid place warmer than anyone could have guessed (the thermostat doesn’t hurt either) and I am anxious to return next year.

Signing off,