Message from Kendal & Ingrid Butts & Gunnison Nordic Team

Hello RMN family,  Since Molly has started this ball rolling, I will follow up.  Yes, Ingrid and I are stepping away from coaching and GNT will be no more.  We have encouraged our skiers to pursue the CBNT program, under Molly and Greta.  Some will and some have, while others are undecided on their path.  After 55 plus years of combined coaching, we are turning the page to a new chapter in our lives.  We are keeping our fingers on the pulse of skiing and will still be involved, only at a different pace.  Thank you for being our friends and cohorts in the sport that we all love and share. For all the many dialogues, banters, coffees, wax talks, laughs, smiles, amazing kids pursuing dreams/goals, & passion shared for this amazing sport,    WE THANK YOU ALL!!!

Keep the dream alive!

Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors, on & off the snow!

Letr buck RMN,  Kendall & Ingrid