JNQ Race Weekend #3 in Minturn


The final JNQ race weekend of the season will be hosted by Ski and Snowboard Club Vail at Maloit Park, in Minturn. Stadium and course maps are below, as well as an event info sheet.

This year, SSCV has set up an online waiver that must be filled out of all athletes participating in the event. This is an effort to save time and paper, and a link to the waiver can also be found below.

Finally, the RMN Junior National Team naming will take place after the races on Sunday. All skiers that think they may qualify for the team should bring payment, as well as filled-out and signed registration forms with them to the team naming. This will also be your opportunity to try on and purchase RMN uniforms for the trip.

JNQ Race Weekend #3 Info Sheet – SSCV

SSCV Online Waiver

151102 DRAFT race loop map aerial

151102 DRAFT stadium enlargement