Pure Fluoro Waxes For Some Classes at SSWSC JNQ Jan 31, Feb 1, 2014

Pure Fluoro waxes are banned at the JNQ races at Steamboat Springs January 31 – February 1, 2014.  HF waxes are approved for use.  This policy of RMN banning Pure Fluorinated waxes at Junior National Qualifying races goes back to 2001.  This is a gentleman’s agreement among all the RMN ski clubs and their coaches participating in JNQ races.  The reason for the ban is to help control the expenses for waxes by RMN ski clubs.

However there are exceptions when RMN skiers compete directly against skiers, like college skiers, for USSA and FIS points and those skiers can use the expensive pure Fluoro waxes.  That is the case at the SSWSC RMN JNQ and CU Invitational ski races.

On Friday’s January 31 races, U20/U18/U16 females and U20/U18 males are eligible to use Pure Fluoro waxes since they will be races against college skiers.  Pure Fluoro waxes are banned for all other RMN classes.  On Saturday’s races, Pure Fluoro waxes are banned for all RMN classes since they will not be racing directly against college skiers.

The pure Fluoro waxes are the waxes that cost at retail $140 – $250 and can wax four to eight pair of skis.  Everyone is approved to use the Highly Fluoronated (HF) waxes.