Pure Fluoro Waxes Banned For Some Classes At CBNT JNQ

Mike Elliott, Executive Director for Rocky Mountain Nordic sent an email to RMN Coaches and RMN Skiers that for RMN Junior National Qualifying races, RMN usually bans the expensive pure Fluoro waxes.  However there are exceptions when RMN skiers compete directly against skiers, like college skiers, for USSA and FIS points and those skiers can use the expensive pure Fluoro waxes.  That is the case at the CBNT Solstice Showdown December 21 & 22, 2013 in Crested Butte, Colorado at the Nordic Center.

For both races The U16 and older for both females and males are eligible to use Pure Fluoro waxes.  Pure Fluoro waxes are banned for all other RMN skiers.

The pure Fluoro waxes are the waxes that cost at retail $140 – $250 and can wax four to eight pair of skis.  Everyone is approved to use the Highly Fluoronated (HF) waxes.