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Steamboat Springs XC Ski Race Dec 22, 2012

Howelsen Hill Winter Solstice XC Ski Race ~ 12/22/2012

The race is a partnership between SSWSC XC + Steamboat Springs Nordic Council

Race is categorized by distance not age~ distances are 1k, 2.5k, 5k, 10k~technique is racer’s choice.

Presently, we have a 2.5k lap prepared. This could be lengthened to a 5k lap if sufficient snow falls.

Registration forms should be sent to – individual or team.  Questions and registration forms can be obtained from Brian Tate.  970 764-7678.

Payment will be accepted at registration Saturday morning- cash or check

There is a waiver to be signed on the individual registration form- all racers should fill out the waiver and bring it to registration.

v Teams should use the Team entry form

Registration will be stationed out of the Medical Shed to the right of the grand stands in the Rodeo Grounds.

Power, Bathrooms, and trail access will be near the Medical Shed

Race bib is trail pass. Not racing, but want to ski, buy trail pass at Howelsen Lodge.

There is a large Alpine race taking place 12/22 and Howelsen Lodge will be packed. Competitors are encouraged to park at the Rodeo Grounds where the XC race will be taking place.

Grand Mesa Nordic Council Hosts Successful NRL Races

Grand Mesa Nordic Council hosted the NRL race on December 8 & 9, 2012 on top of Grand Mesa.  The races were originally scheduled for Breckenridge at the Gold Run Nordic Center with Summit Nordic Ski Club putting on the races.  Breckenridge had no snow and Joe Howdyshell, head coach for SNSC, put out a plea for any club who could take over the race.  The Grand Mesa Nordic Council under the leadership of their president Annie Deprey Murphy volunteered to take on the races.  They had three days in which to get organized for the races with 140 competitors.  SNSC collected all the entries and turned them over to GMNC organizing committee.

Annie Murphy said GMNC had experience organizing and conducting citizen races and they were willing to take on a bigger event if they could have a few questions answered.  The club energized their membership and with their Herculean efforts they put on a very successful NRL races.  Everyone connected to the GMNC organizing committee projected a can-do attitude that was very refreshing to work with.  They had some challenges with their sno-cat still in Grand Junction.  But they had three snowmobiles with adequate attachments for grooming that were driven by experience operators under the supervision of Chief of Course, Winslow Robertson .  It snowed eight inches Saturday night and the race had to be delayed one hour on Sunday.  It was also very cold during the classic race on Sunday.  The TD, Robert Myers, was heard to say that with the wind chill it was the coldest event he has ever worked.  RMN Executive Director, Mike Elliott, said he did not warm up until the following Tuesday.

The ski stadium was a little less than a kilometer from the parking lot, warming hut, and bathrooms.  Annie Murphy was busy carrying hot coffee to the numerous volunteers and timing crew in the stadium on Saturday and hot chocolate on Sunday.  Best hot chocolate I have ever tasted was heard by the cold but very capable volunteers.

Skiers were feeling the effects of skiing at 10,800 feet and breathing cold air.  However, most skiers and coaches were happy to actually be skiing and racing on snow rather than training on roller skis.

There were some outstanding results produced and the highlights are listed below.

The “Iron Maiden” for these races has to be J5 female skier Katy Jane Hardenbergh from Vail.  She won both races at last year’s December NRL in Steamboat Springs and she won her class on the first day of racing at Grand Mesa.  On the second day of racing, the temperature was dropping and the wind chill was rising as the day progressed.  The J5 female class was scheduled to race on Sunday at 12:45pm.  Skiers in earlier classes were withdrawing from the event because of the adverse conditions.  But Miss Hardenbergh was out watching her older brother and sister race and skiing around with a smile.  When the time arrived for her race, she was the only competitor.  She was asked, since you are the only competitor and you are declared the winner, do you want to ski he course?  The race officials were extremely cold and anticipated that they might be able to get into a warm car shortly.  However, without hesitation Miss Hardenbergh said yes she wants to ski the course so she can compare her time to the J5 males.  With excellent classic technique she skied the course that contained less than ten spectators, skiers, and volunteers while maintaining her bright smile.  Her performance and smile warmed up everyone still at the finish.

Skiers who won their class both days are as follows:

Eliska Hajkova                CU          SRF

Rune Malo Oedegaard  CU          SRM

Rachel Hampton             DNSC     OJF

Cara Piske                          SSWSC  J1F

Cully Brown                      SSCV      J1M

Charlie Greenberg          DNSC     J2M

Tyler Terranova             SSWSC  J3M

Jaden Carlson                  BNJRT   J4F

Ian Hardenbergh            SSCV      J4M

Katy Jane Hardenbergh SSCV      J5F

Wiley Corra                       DNSC     J5M

Complete Results for both days can be found at  Click on results on the home page.

Grand Mesa Nordic Council NRL Information

2012 Grand Mesa NRL

Saturday-Sunday, December 8-9, 2012

Hosted by:

The Grand Mesa Nordic Council

Team Information Sheet


Tuesday, December 4
7:00PM Deadline for registration
Wednesday, December 5
5:00PM Preliminary entry list published for review
Thursday, December 6
12:00PM Deadline for corrections to entry list
5:00PM Start lists published
Friday, December 7
12:00PM Course open for inspection
5:00PM Course Closes
Saturday, December 8
Skate Individual 15-Second Interval Starts
8:00-9:30AM Registration and bib pickup
9:00AM Coaches Meeting
9:50AM Course Closed
10:00AM 5K Skate Men (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
10:45AM 5k Skate Women (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
11:20AM 5K Skate Men Novice
11:25AM 5K Skate Women Novice
11:55AM 3K Skate Men J3
12PM 3K Skate Men J4
12:20PM 3K Skate Women J3
12:25PM 3K Skate Women J4
12:45PM 1K Skate Men (J5, J6)
12:50PM 1K Skate Women (J5, J6)
1:15PM 5K Freestyle Citizens Race MASS START
Sunday, December 9
Classic Mass Start
8:00AM Registration and Bib Pickup
8:50AM Course Closed
9:00AM 10k Classic Men (Senior, OJ/J1)
9:50AM 5k Classic Women (Senior, OJ/J1/J2)
10:20AM 5K Classic Men (J2)
10:50AM 3K Classic Men J3
10:55AM 3K Classic Men J4
11:15AM 3K Classic Women J3
11:20AM 3K Classic Women J4
11:45AM 1K Classic Men (J5/J6)
12:00PM 1K Classic Women (J5/J6)


  • TEAM ENTRY DEADLINE IS Tuesday, December 4
  • Email Joe ( for a registration sheet and waivers.
  • A USSA waiver is required for all non-USSA members.
  • Bibs will be collected at the finish on Sunday.
  • DNS and DNF bibs must be returned to the finish crew – not anyone else.
  • There will be a $50 fee for lost or damaged bibs.


Entry fees for Summit NRL:

  • Elite/J2-OJ:              $35 per race
  • J3:                                 $25 per race
  • J4-J6:                          $20
  • Citizens:                      $15 per race

Trail Fees are included.

Make checks payable to GMNC.



  • Backwards skiing on race courses at any time is strictly forbidden.
  • Never cross the finish line unless you are finishing your race.
  • Non-racers/Non-coaches are forbidden to ski on course at any time.
  • Skiers warming up on course must ski with their bibs inside out.
  • Saturday
    • All courses close at 9:50am
    • Classic tracks will be set single track best line. May change based on snow conditions.
    • Sunday
      • Courses will remain open for inspection until 8:50am.
      • Warm-up Areas
        • Snow dependant


Seed orders may be adjusted dependent on conditions and jury decision.

FIS/USSA = The lower of a skier’s FIS or USSA points.

Saturday: Individual Start

  • Female J2 and older, Male J1 and older:
  • Run BAC
  • “A” Top 15 USSA points random draw
  • “B” All remaining USSA points, lowest to highest
  • “C” No points, random draw
    • J2 Boys:
    • Run AB
  • “A” USSA points random draw
  • “B” No points, random draw
    • J3 and younger:
  • Random draw

Sunday:  Mass Start

  1. For Senior, OJ/J1/J2 USSA distance points, then USSA members without points, then results from Saturday’s race.

J3/J4/J5/J6 based on Saturday’s race.


Technical Delegate:               Robert Myers*

  • Assistant TD:                         TBA*
  • Chief of Competition:            Dave Ashwanden*
  • Chief of Course:                     Winslow Robertson
  • Chief of Stadium:                   Annie Murphy
  • Timing:                                   Four Corners Timing

* Race Jury


Venue is Skyway Trail System (east off of Highway 65, Mesa, Colorado).

There are no trail fees.

There is no electricity at the venue.  Teams are encouraged to set up their wax tables to the north of the start/finish area (near the warming hut).

There is no running water at the venue.  Teams are encouraged to bring their own water and water bottles.   We will have some water and sports drink, but it will be limited.  GMNC encourages its users to bring their own water bottles or cups in an effort to reduce waste.

Race Course will be available for inspection on Friday 12/7 at 12:00PM. There will be no fee for this.

There will be a 15 minute protest period after the posting of the unofficial results.

There will be at least 4 technique controllers on the classic course on Sunday.

Awards will be announced in the afternoon after the last race at the Start/Finish Area.

Parking: Only two vehicles per team will be allowed at the Skyway trailhead.  Other vehicles must be parked at the Mesa Top parking area, which is a couple miles south of Skyway on the west side of Highway 65.  It is a large lot with a changing area and restroom as well.  Please see map:

Weather:  Snow is expected Saturday night.  Please check updated weather here:

Given the short notice of this race, GMNC may need assistance with volunteers.  If any parents are available to help, please contact Annie Murphy at (970) 623-4424.

Lodging:  If lodging assistance is required, please contact Annie Murphy at (970) 623-4424.

RMN NRL Moved To Grand Mesa Dec 8 & 9, 2012

Joe Howdyshell, Head Coach at Summit Nordic Ski Club announced late Monday December 3, 2012 that the NRL has been cancelled at Breckenridge because of a lack of snow.   The Grand Mesa Nordic Council has agreed to put on the NRL on Grand Mesa following the original schedule for all classes.

Entries are still due to Joe Howdyshell ( by 7pm Tuesday December 4, 2012.  If you need an entry form you can contact Joe at 307 349-0713 or Mike Elliott, RMN Executive Director ( 970 769-8655)

Mass start on Saturday at 10am and interval start on Sunday at 9am..  More information will be posted on Tuesday December 4, 2012.

Anne Murphy will be the Chief of Competition for the NRL races.  She can be reached at