National Nordic Foundation Athlete Ambassador Drive For 25

Dear Rocky Mountain Skiers,

An anonymous donor has approached National Nordic Foundation (NNF) and challenged them in a fundraiser program.  The donor will match $5 for every $1 raised by a U23 or younger skier who benefited directly from contributions made by the NNF to a United States Ski Team trip or camp in the past.   The maximum the donor will contribute is $50,000.

However NNR needs to be able to accurately track the juniors who benefited from NNR funds, are really raising the money in “Drive for 25”.  All the money would have to be in to NNF by Thursday November 15, 2012.  So the effort is to raise $10,000 by juniors throughout the nation and then NNF would receive an additional $50,000 and consequently that would be $60,000.  All that money would be used towards helping to fund NNF who in turn help funds the U18 Nations Cup, WJC, U23 World Championships, J2 National Camp.

In my view it is important to the anonymous donor that skiers who have previously benefited from NNF funds, “Pay it Forward” to future skiers entering the USST pipeline. The goal is to have the junior skiers be the Ambassadors for the “Drive for 25” and to have at a minimum 10 donors for $25 each.

I have attached information from Dave Knoop with NNF that may be of help to you.  I have also attached a list of the other athletes in the United States who are doing the same thing.  You can visit the National Nordic Web Site ( to see what other athletes have done.  Click on Donate Cross Country.

Here is What You Athletes Need To Do

1. Go to and create your Drive for 25 Ambassador page

  • Create an accout
  • Upload a profile photo
  • Keep the Title as “Drive for 25-Cross Country”
  • Use your name as the URL (for example
  • Join or create a team if you would like
  • Set a goal. $250 = $25 from 10 people is a good place to start
  • End date is 11/15/2012, 11:59pm
  • Edit the story if you want to or leave it as is
  • Enable and create a thank you email
  • Any questions you can email James Southam at

2. Get as many people as you can to donate $25 or more to the National Nordic Foundation from now until Thursday November 15th USING YOUR PAGE  (this is CRITICAL!) if we cannot track the donation to you, the match does not happen!

  • Make sure you send donors to your page
  • Ask them to make a comment that you got them to donate
  • if somehow they don’t end up going through your page we can still see that the donation came from you
  • Offline donations will work as well, but we need to know the money was raised from you and have it by November 15th
  • Send them to:

National Nordic Foundation

32 West 300 South #149

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Our goal at the NNF is to make these trips funded so that no athlete has to decline an opportunity because they cannot afford it. This can help make that a reality.

Every $1 you raise an anonymous donor will donate $5. This is an unbelievable opportunity for US Skiing and a statement that our next generation of athletes, YOU, are willing to step up.

The more we grow, the more we can help.

You are the only ones who can make this happen.

I Encourage You To Make it happen!

In addition:

  • Every Ambassador racing U23 or under that raises $100 will receive a U23 Ambassador only buff by Podiumwear.
  • All Ambassadors over 23 to raise $250 will receive an Ambassador only buff by Mt.Borah.
  • There will also be some sweet prizes for top fundraisers from our supporters in the ski industry.

Any questions you can email James Southam at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Best Regards,

Mike Elliott

Executive Director RMN

970 769-8655