AVSC Nordic Festival Timeline

AVSC Nordic Festival Timeline

Friday, February 10

9am Classic Courses open for inspection
4pm Coaches meeting at AVSC Clubhouse

Saturday, February 11

7am Courses open for inspection
8-10:30am Bib pick-up at AVSC Friedle Pfifer Clubhouse
9am 1.4km Supertour Spint Qualifier Classic
11am Women’s Supertour/Citizen 5KM Classic (30 second interval start)
Men’s Supertour/Citizen 10KM Classic (30 second interval start)
12:00 Bib pick-up for afternoon racers
12:30pm SuperTour Sprint and distance flower ceremony
1pm CHSSA Races begin (15 second interval start)
1pm Kindergarten 1st-4th Boys/Girls 1km Classic
1:20pm Middle School Girls 3k m Classic
1:40pm Middle School Boys 3km classic
2:00pm High School Girls 5km classic
2:45pm High School Boys 5km classic

Sunday, February 12

7:30-8:30am Bib pick-up AVSC Friedle Pfifer Clubhouse
9am J5/6 Boys/Girls 1k (mass start freestyle)
9:15am J3/4 Girls 3k (mass start freestyle)
9:30am J3/4 Boys 3k (mass start freestyle)
9:45am J2/J1/OJ Girls 5k (mass start freestyle)
10:00am J2/J1/OJ Boys 5k (mass start freestyle)
9:00am Owl Creek Chase Bib Pick-up at Snowmass Cross Country Center
11am Owl Creek Chase 21 k start – Snowmass Cross Country Center
11:00am Junior Awards
~12:10pm 1st finishers of the Owl Creek Chase should begin arriving. Juniors are encouraged to stay for the finish.