SoHo Super Qualifier Information Posted On TUNA Web Site

Information on the Soldier Hollow Super Qualifier Races is now up on the TUNA Web Site at

 Entries are due No Later Than Monday January 23, 2012 10pm

  1. Entries have to be emailed.  No paper mail-in entries
  2. Please be careful and fill out the information the way the instructions describe.  If you have skiers who have USSA membership, use the same names as in appears on the USSA membership.  It is very difficult for race organizers when different names are used on race entries and how that name appears on USSA membership.  It could directly affect the seeding for both races for skiers.  Especially J1 and Older.
  3. There are three waivers.  TUNA, Soldier Hollow, and USSA if you have skiers who are not a USSA member.  SoHo is very strict on all these waivers for skiers.
  4. Payment has to be received by the Race Organizers prior to the Team Captains Meeting on Thursday January 26, 2012.

These races will be the fifth and sixth RMN JNQ races.  I believe there will be close to 600 competitors.  That is far more skiers than will be at the Junior Nationals in March.  This is a big event and well worth attending.

Contact Mike Elliott at if you have questions or need help with the entries.