RMN JNQ & CU Invitational Jan 13 & 14, 2012 Steamboat Springs


 January 13th & 14th 2012

 Rocky Mountain Nordic Junior National Qualifier & CU  Invitational +Howelsen Hill Nordic Center

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

University of Colorado

Please direct questions to:

Brian Tate     briantate92@gmail.com

Nick Rose      nickrose@springsips.com


Please enter competitors via e-mail with the official entry form. Send entries to nickrose@springsips.com  Entries are due no later than 7:00 pm, Monday January 9th, 2012.  Entries received after Monday January 9th at 7:00pm will be charged an additional $10.00.  Deletions are better than additions.

 Entry per race = $30 for J2 + older, $20 for J3 + younger.

*USSA waiver is needed for non-USSA members

*SSWSC waiver is needed for all competitors

 Event Site:

Registration will take place in Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge

Cross-Country races will Start and Finish at Romick Rodeo Arena, Howelsen Hill Electricity + waxing between Finish and Ice Arena

Bathrooms in Howelsen Lodge + Porta Lets at Stadium

There is plenty of parking at the Rodeo Grounds

All skiing must be in race direction*Spectators on skis should purchase a trail pass at Howelsen Lodge

 *Awards Party -Friday night 7pm Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge – desserts and beverages, raffle- with prizes from Fischer, Swix, Honey Stinger                        NO CHARGE!

Chiefs of Specialties:

Chief of Competition                       Nick Rose*

Technical Delegate                         Dave Stewart*

Asst. Technical Delegate            Grethe Hagensen*

Chief of Course                                Tom Scrimgeour

Asst. Chief of Course                     Greg Burkholder

Chief of Stadium                              Gordon Jones

Chief of Start                                     John Weinman

Chief of Timing                                Mike Elliott

Race Announcer                            Chuck O’Connell

Race Secretary                               Lynn Newman

 *= Race Jury

 Thursday, January  12th

 Course Preview + Training:         

South trails @ Howelsen Hill                                 2:00-5:00pm


Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge                  4:00 – 5:30pm

 Team Captains Meeting                                           

Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge                   5:30pm

 Note:  These are Non-Pure Flouro Races as per RMN policy- except for Friday’s OJ/J1 men and OJ/J1/J2 women races.

 Friday, January 13th

 Bib Pick-up+ registration:     Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge 7:00 – 8:00am

 Freestyle Race~ Interval Start ~ Start Time 9am

Course Closes @ 8:50am –       open to coaches

Order of Start:

9:00 am               

NCAA Women        5Km                15 Sec. Interval

OJ/J1/J2 Women  5Km                15 Sec. Interval

*Race run to completion

9:45 am– approximate start

NCAA Men              10Km              15 Sec. Interval

OJ/J1 Men              10Km              15 Sec. Interval

*Race run to completion

10:45 am– approximate start

J2 Boys                     5Km               15 Sec.  Interval

*Race run to completion

12:00 pm– approximate start

J3 Boys                    2.5Km           15 Sec. Interval

J3 Girls                    2.5Km            15 Sec. Interval

*5 min. break

12:20 pm approximate start

J4 Boys                    2.5Km            15 Sec. Interval

J4 Girls                    2.5KM            15 Sec. Interval

*Race run to completion

1:00 pm– approximate start        

J5 Boys                      1km               15 Sec. Interval      

J5 Girls                      1Km              15 Sec. Interval

*1:20 pm approximate finish of all races  

 *Awards Party 7pm Olympian Hall Howelsen Lodge~Free

 Saturday, January 14th

 Bib Pick-up:        Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge 7:00 – 8:00am

Classic Race~ Mass Start ~  Start Time 9am

Course closes @ 8:50 – open to coaches

 Order of Start + Seeding:

 Team Lane Assignment for NCAA,USSA Points for OJ/J1 Men, RMN Points for J2 Boys, USSA Points for OJ/J1 Women, RMN Points for J2 Girls, Prior results for J3 and younger.

 9:00am           NCAA Men                15Km   *run to completion

10:00am        NCAA Women           10Km    *run to completion

10:45pm        OJ/J1 Boys               10Km    *run to completion

11:30pm        OJ/J1 Girls                7.5Km   *run to completion

12:00pm        J2 Boys                      5Km       *run to completion

12:20pm        J2 Girls                      5Km       *run to completion

12:45pm        J3 Boys                      2.5Km           

12:55pm        J3 Girls                      2.5Km

1:10pm           J4 Boys                      2.5Km           

1:20pm           J4 Girls                      2.5Km     *run to completion

1:40pm           J5 Boys                      1Km   

1:45pm           J5 Girls                      1Km

*2pm approximate finish of all races

Awards in Stadium-on-going- Saturday

Results + Start Lists can be viewed at   www.fourcornerstiming.com