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Second Weekend of JN Qualifying Races Held At Steamboat Springs Jan 13 & 14, 2012

SSWSC hosted the second Junior National Qualifying races January 15 & 16, 2012.  Despite a lack of abundant natural snow, the SSWSC volunteers worked hard with shoveling parties and machine made snow to develop a fully covered 2.5km course with excellent skiing conditions on a very challenging and tough homologated course.  The weather was sunny but still cool to cold.  Waxing both days was fairly straight forward for the various teams and a variety of waxes worked extremely well. 

Colorado University participated at the Steamboat Springs Junior National Qualifier by holding their CU Invitational at the same time.  Eight colleges participated, University of Alaska Anchorage, Colorado University, Denver University, Montana State University, New Mexico University, Utah University, Wyoming University, and Alaska Pacific University.  The Colorado Junior skiers were able to enter the interval start race and race along with the college skiers.  They were seeded by their FIS points.   

The stadium set up was outstanding.  The SSWSC worked with the City of Steamboat Springs and Ski Town USA was able to use the rodeo arena and grounds as the ski stadium for the cross country ski races.  They had plenty of room for both the start and finish areas.  The race track was able to have eight lanes for the classic mass start race.  SSWSC was able to utilize the public address system, normally used for rodeos, for the ski races.  We all enjoyed rock and roll music while the races were going on.  They had portable microphones on the course and they were able to announce progress reports and results during the races that really added enjoyment for the spectators.

Skiers who were double winners by winning both the skate interval start race and the mass start classic race:

OJ Male Tucker McCrerey** Summit Nordic Ski Club

J2 Male Culley Brown** Durango Nordic Ski club

J3 Male Kai Serman** Crested Butte Nordic Team

J4 Male Sven Tate** Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

OJ Female Haley Piske** Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

J1 Female Emily Hannah Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

J3 Female Hailey Swirbul Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club

J4 Female Jaden Carlson Boulder Nordic Junior Race Team

J5 Female Katy Floyd Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

**Skiers who were also double winners at the first JNQ races at Crested Butte December 17 & 18, 2011

More Highlights:

  • OJ Males Tucker McCrerey, SNSC, and Charlie Von Thaden SSWSC were first and second respectively both days.
  • J1 Females Emily Hannah SSWSC, Mary O’Connell SSWSC, Rachel Hampton DNSC, Cara Piske SSWSC finished in that same 1, 2, 3, 4 order both days.
  • J1 Males Haakon Sigurslid DNSC, won the Skate race and Max Scrimgeour SSWSC won the Classic race.
  • J2 Males Cully Brown DNSC, Lars Hannah SSWSC, Forest Smith CBNT, Parwit Durgan CBNT finished in that same 1, 2, 3, 4 order both days
  • J2 Females continue to be the tightest competition among all the classes with a lot swapping of  places among the top 15 skiers.  Hannah Hardenbergh SSCV, Bretchen Burkholder SSWSC, Abbey Habermehl SSWSC, are leading in JN points and have separated themselves a little, but there are talented skiers behind them in the remaining field who are competing quite strongly for one of the top nine J2 Females slots for the RMN Junior National Team.
  • J3 Female Hailey Swirbul AVSC, won both days.  However, this class is like the J2 Female class, in that they are a very competitive class.  In order to be on the podium you have to have your A game.  Hailey has won three out of the four races but she also has talented skiers chasing her.
  • J4 Males Sven Tate SSWSC, Garrett Butts, Gunnison Nordic Team, and Ian Hardenbergh finished in that same order both days as special cross country skiers.  However in the skate race, Elijah Vargas from the SSWSC Nordic Combined Team placed second in the skate race.  I am forecasting that we will see a lot of the three special cross country skiers at the top of the results sheets as they move through the RMN pipeline.
  • J4 Female Jaden Carlson BNJRT, won both days.  This class is very similar to the older female classes in that it is very competitive. Like Haily Swirbul in the J3 female class, Jaden has won three out of four J4 female class races.

It is going to be interesting to see how all the RMN skiers match up to skiers from the other five western divisions, Intermoutain, High Plains, Pacific Northwest, and Far West when they race at the Super Qualifier at Soldier Hollow January 27 & 28, 2012.  My prediction is that all the RMN classes will do very well and it is a dress rehearsal for the Junior National Championships that will be at Soldier Hollow March 5 – 10, 2012.  RMN will have 47 J2 and older skiers on the team and 16 coaches supporting them.

SoHo Super Qualifier Information Posted On TUNA Web Site

Information on the Soldier Hollow Super Qualifier Races is now up on the TUNA Web Site at

 Entries are due No Later Than Monday January 23, 2012 10pm

  1. Entries have to be emailed.  No paper mail-in entries
  2. Please be careful and fill out the information the way the instructions describe.  If you have skiers who have USSA membership, use the same names as in appears on the USSA membership.  It is very difficult for race organizers when different names are used on race entries and how that name appears on USSA membership.  It could directly affect the seeding for both races for skiers.  Especially J1 and Older.
  3. There are three waivers.  TUNA, Soldier Hollow, and USSA if you have skiers who are not a USSA member.  SoHo is very strict on all these waivers for skiers.
  4. Payment has to be received by the Race Organizers prior to the Team Captains Meeting on Thursday January 26, 2012.

These races will be the fifth and sixth RMN JNQ races.  I believe there will be close to 600 competitors.  That is far more skiers than will be at the Junior Nationals in March.  This is a big event and well worth attending.

Contact Mike Elliott at if you have questions or need help with the entries.

Team HomeGrown from Vail Enjoys Success at Sr Nationals

Team HomeGrown out of Vail and the brainchild of Dan Weiland who is also the Director and Eric Pepper as Coach had people talking  about the results generated at the recently completed Senior Nationals in Rumford, Maine by Team HomeGrown.

Skate Sprint:  Sylvan Ellefson  4th

15km Skate:  Tad Elliott 1st, Sylvan Ellefson 3rd, Noah Hoffman 4th

30km Classic:  Noah Hoffman 1st.

Sylvan Ellefson is now leading the USSA Super Tour Points.  By being the Super Tour Points Leader he has earned start-rights and a trip to Russia, Czech Republic, and Poland funded by the FIS to complete in World Cup races.  He will be skiing with the United States Ski Team.  Both Tad Elliott and Noah Hoffman are on the US B Ski Team and will be in many of the same races.  Hoffman will also be skiing in the World U23 Championships schedule for Erzurum, Turkey February 10 – 27, 2012.  

Team HomeGrown Coach Eric Pepper will be one of the Coaches for the United States Ski Team at the World Junior and U23 Championships.

Rocky Mountain Prequalifies Five Skiers For Junior National Championships

Prequalifying five skiers for the Junior National Championship is best results by Rocky Mountain at the Senior Nationals in many years if not forever.  That means RMN will have a team of 47 skiers and 15 coaches at the Junior National Championships in Soldier Hollow, Utah March 5 – 10, 2012. 

Emily Hannah, and Mary O’Connell are both from SSWSC and are J1 skiers.  Through their outstanding performances at the Senior Nationals Jan 2 – 8, 2012 in Rumford, Maine, they have qualified for the World Junior Championships scheduled for Erzurum, Turkey February 10 – 27, 2012.  Qualifications for the WJC were based on a skier’s top two performances out of the first three races at the Senior Nationals using World Cup scoring.  They had to finish in the top six among all female OJ and J1 skiers competing.  They also prequalified for the Junior National Championships. 

Eric Pepper from Vail will be one of the coaches for the United States on the WJC trip. 

Mike Vigers  from Ski and Snowboard Club Vail also qualified for the WJC as a result of a race in West Yellowstone over Thanksgiving.  By qualifying for the WJC he also has prequalified for the Junior National Championships. 

Max Scrimgeour with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club qualified for the Scando Championships scheduled for Mammaste, Estonia February 14 – 17, 2012.  The Scando Championships is made up of skiers age 14 -17 from United States, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia.  The qualifying standard is the same as the US World Junior Championship Team.  Skiers are selected from their best two results out of the first three races at the Senior Nationals using World Cup Scoring.  There will be six males and six females on this team from the US.  

Adam St.Pierre from Boulder Nordic Junior Racing Team will be one of the coaches on this trip. 

Tucker McCrerey with the Summit Nordic Ski Club has prequalified for the Junior Nationals by finishing in the top 20 of all the junior class (OJ & J1) at the Senior National Championships.  The prequalification for the JNs is the same standard as explained for the WJC and the Scando Championships.

RMN JNQ & CU Invitational Jan 13 & 14, 2012 Steamboat Springs


 January 13th & 14th 2012

 Rocky Mountain Nordic Junior National Qualifier & CU  Invitational +Howelsen Hill Nordic Center

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

University of Colorado

Please direct questions to:

Brian Tate

Nick Rose


Please enter competitors via e-mail with the official entry form. Send entries to  Entries are due no later than 7:00 pm, Monday January 9th, 2012.  Entries received after Monday January 9th at 7:00pm will be charged an additional $10.00.  Deletions are better than additions.

 Entry per race = $30 for J2 + older, $20 for J3 + younger.

*USSA waiver is needed for non-USSA members

*SSWSC waiver is needed for all competitors

 Event Site:

Registration will take place in Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge

Cross-Country races will Start and Finish at Romick Rodeo Arena, Howelsen Hill Electricity + waxing between Finish and Ice Arena

Bathrooms in Howelsen Lodge + Porta Lets at Stadium

There is plenty of parking at the Rodeo Grounds

All skiing must be in race direction*Spectators on skis should purchase a trail pass at Howelsen Lodge

 *Awards Party -Friday night 7pm Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge – desserts and beverages, raffle- with prizes from Fischer, Swix, Honey Stinger                        NO CHARGE!

Chiefs of Specialties:

Chief of Competition                       Nick Rose*

Technical Delegate                         Dave Stewart*

Asst. Technical Delegate            Grethe Hagensen*

Chief of Course                                Tom Scrimgeour

Asst. Chief of Course                     Greg Burkholder

Chief of Stadium                              Gordon Jones

Chief of Start                                     John Weinman

Chief of Timing                                Mike Elliott

Race Announcer                            Chuck O’Connell

Race Secretary                               Lynn Newman

 *= Race Jury

 Thursday, January  12th

 Course Preview + Training:         

South trails @ Howelsen Hill                                 2:00-5:00pm


Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge                  4:00 – 5:30pm

 Team Captains Meeting                                           

Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge                   5:30pm

 Note:  These are Non-Pure Flouro Races as per RMN policy- except for Friday’s OJ/J1 men and OJ/J1/J2 women races.

 Friday, January 13th

 Bib Pick-up+ registration:     Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge 7:00 – 8:00am

 Freestyle Race~ Interval Start ~ Start Time 9am

Course Closes @ 8:50am –       open to coaches

Order of Start:

9:00 am               

NCAA Women        5Km                15 Sec. Interval

OJ/J1/J2 Women  5Km                15 Sec. Interval

*Race run to completion

9:45 am– approximate start

NCAA Men              10Km              15 Sec. Interval

OJ/J1 Men              10Km              15 Sec. Interval

*Race run to completion

10:45 am– approximate start

J2 Boys                     5Km               15 Sec.  Interval

*Race run to completion

12:00 pm– approximate start

J3 Boys                    2.5Km           15 Sec. Interval

J3 Girls                    2.5Km            15 Sec. Interval

*5 min. break

12:20 pm approximate start

J4 Boys                    2.5Km            15 Sec. Interval

J4 Girls                    2.5KM            15 Sec. Interval

*Race run to completion

1:00 pm– approximate start        

J5 Boys                      1km               15 Sec. Interval      

J5 Girls                      1Km              15 Sec. Interval

*1:20 pm approximate finish of all races  

 *Awards Party 7pm Olympian Hall Howelsen Lodge~Free

 Saturday, January 14th

 Bib Pick-up:        Olympian Hall, Howelsen Hill Lodge 7:00 – 8:00am

Classic Race~ Mass Start ~  Start Time 9am

Course closes @ 8:50 – open to coaches

 Order of Start + Seeding:

 Team Lane Assignment for NCAA,USSA Points for OJ/J1 Men, RMN Points for J2 Boys, USSA Points for OJ/J1 Women, RMN Points for J2 Girls, Prior results for J3 and younger.

 9:00am           NCAA Men                15Km   *run to completion

10:00am        NCAA Women           10Km    *run to completion

10:45pm        OJ/J1 Boys               10Km    *run to completion

11:30pm        OJ/J1 Girls                7.5Km   *run to completion

12:00pm        J2 Boys                      5Km       *run to completion

12:20pm        J2 Girls                      5Km       *run to completion

12:45pm        J3 Boys                      2.5Km           

12:55pm        J3 Girls                      2.5Km

1:10pm           J4 Boys                      2.5Km           

1:20pm           J4 Girls                      2.5Km     *run to completion

1:40pm           J5 Boys                      1Km   

1:45pm           J5 Girls                      1Km

*2pm approximate finish of all races

Awards in Stadium-on-going- Saturday

Results + Start Lists can be viewed at