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RMN Announces Coaching Staff for Junior National Team 2012

The following coaches will be the coaching staff at the Junior Nationals to be held in Soldier Hollow March 5 – 10, 2012:

Aspen:  Toby Morse

Boulder:  Adam St.Pierre, Lenka Palanova

Crested Butte:  Duncan Callahan, Emma Lohr

Colorado Rocky Mountain School:  Nick Brown

Durango:  Josh Dalley, Evan Elliott

Summit:  Joe Howdyshell, Hannah Taylor

Steamboat Springs:  Brian Tate, Josh Smullin

Vail:  Dan Weiland, Eric Pepper, Allison Ebbets

Team Leader:  Mike Elliott

RMN First JNQ Races Held at Crested Butte

Crested Butte Nordic Team hosted the first Junior National Qualifying races December 17 & 18, 2011.  Despite a lack of abundant snow, the CBNT volunteers worked hard using snow blowers and shovels to provide a race course for the 200 RMN competitors.  Duncan Callahan, Chief of Competition for the events, notified Rocky Mountain Nordic teams one week before the event that the races were definitely confirmed to be held in Crested Butte.  Callahan had researched alternative sites for the event but was excited that the races were able to be held in Crested Butte.

 The weather certainly helped with beautiful, sunny, cold days that were ideal conditions for easy waxing for the coaches.  Highlights from the weekend were:

Skiers who won both of their races at Crested Butte:

Haley Piske, Steamboat Springs                         OJ female

Tucker McCrerey , Summit                                  OJ male.   Tucker also recorded the fastest times each day.

Max Scrimgeour, Steamboat Springs               J1 male

Cully Brown, Durango                                            J2 male

Kai Sherman, Crested Butte                                 J3 male

Sven Tate, Steamboat  Springs                          J4 male

Jordan Taylor, Durango                                      J5 female

Wiley Cora, Durango                                             J5 male

  •  The results and podium for the OJ males, first Tucker McCrerey from Summit, second Mike Vigers from Vail, and third Charlie Von Thanden from Steamboat Springs remained the same in both races.
  • In the J1 male’s class, Max Scrimgeour from Steamboat Springs and Cal Deline from Vail finished first and second in both races.
  • J1 females Emily Hannah and Mary O’Connell who are both from Steamboat Springs swapped positions on the top position of the podium.  Hannah won the skate race and O’Connell won the classic race.
  • Both J2 female and male classes were very competitive classes.  Nine skiers from each class will be selected for the RMN Junior National Team.  Both of these classes raced with the J1 and OJ classes both days, and were seeded based on their USSA points.  It will be exciting to see how the remaining six RMN JNQ races turn out.
  • The J3 female and male classes were very competitive.  The top three in the female J3 class who were on the podium were the same skiers but occupied different places depending on the race.  They were Ellen Considine from BNJRT first in the skate and second in the classic, Hailey Swirbul from AVSC  first in the classic and second in the skate, and Anna Burkholder from SSWSC third in both races.  Kai Sherman from CBNT won both days in the J3 male class, but the podium on the second and third places change in the two races.  Wyatt Gebhardt  from SSWSC was second and Caleb Muller from GNT was third in the skate race.  In the Classic race Evan Barbier from SSWSC was second and Parker Shell from SNSC was third.
  • BNJRT J4 females dominated the podium with Jaden Carlson being first in the skate race and second in the classic race.  Sadie Cotton was first in the classic race and second in the skate race.  Eva Rosenbloom-Bol was third both days.   J4 males Sven Tate from Steamboat Springs and Garret Butts from Gunnison finished first and second respectively both days.  Oliver Trowbridge from SNSC was third in the skate race and Tabor Dussault from GNT was third in the classic race.
  • The J5 classes received the most and loudest cheers from the spectators.  Durango produced double winners in both the female and male J5 classes with Jordan Taylor and Wiley Cora respective, but they both have significant competition from skiers from Gunnison, Vail, Steamboat, Boulder, and Crested Butte.  In the J5 male class in the classic race, only two seconds separated Cora and second place Michale Pickner from BNJRT and Sumner Cotton also from BNJRT.

RMN Coaches Eric Pepper and Adam St.Pierre Selected To Coach USST In International Competitions

The US Ski Team (USST) has selected Eric Pepper who is the Head Coach for the Nordic Team within the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail to be a coach for the World Junior and U23 Championships scheduled for Erzurum, Turkey February 10 – 27, 2012.  These championships are for skiers 16 – 22 years old.  To be eligible for the WJC skiers have to be USSA members and be in the J1, OJ, or U23 Classes.

The USST has selected Adam St.Pierre who is the Head Coach for Boulder Nordic Junior Race Team to be a coach for the US Scando Team that will compete against teams from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia scheduled for competitions in Mammaste, Estonia February 14 – 27, 2012. To be eligible for the Scando Championships skiers have USSA members and be in the J2 or J1 classes.  The Scando Team is usually made up of J1 skiers.

Skiers qualify for the above USST thru the USSA National Championships scheduled for Rumford, Maine Jan 2 – 8, 2012.  Rumford reports that they have little snow, but they are making snow daily with nine guns at night and daily when temperature allow. 

Both RMN coaches will also be members of the RMN coaching staf at the Junior National Championships scheduled for Soldier Hollow March 3 – 10, 2012.

NRL Races At SSWSC Highly Successful With Help From SNSC

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) hosted the NRL races at the Steamboat Springs Ski Touring Center December 3 & 4, 2011.  The races were originally scheduled for Breckenridge at the Gold Run Nordic Center but were moved because of a lack of snow in Breckenridge.  Summit Nordic Ski Club (SNSC) approached SSWSC five days before the races to ask if they had enough snow to conduct an NRL race.  SSWSC had four days to get ready for the two races with the help of the Summit Nordic Ski Club.  It was impressive the cooperation between the two clubs and what they were able to accomplish over such a short amount of time.  For the coaches, competitors, and visiting parents it all was quite seamless.  SNSC still took all the entries and provided the timing for the event through Brad Piehl who was the Chief of Timing and has children skiing in the SNSC.  SNSC provided the race bibs and start lists and results, and SSWSC did the rest.    

Birgitta Wiik Lindgren, Ski Touring Center Manager, mobilized her crew to an all hands on deck mentality in order to get the courses ready for USSA National Sanctioned ski racing.  Having races on a weekend had to impact her ability to cater to her normal customers.  However we all saw Birgitta helping with managing a timing crew, selling lunches and warm drinks.  All the races started on time and Nick Rose, Chief of Competition, organized all the numerous volunteers as he managed the process of delegating responsibilities to the various people.  Most of the volunteers were parents of skiers in the SSWSC Nordic Team and it was quite obvious that these races were not their first rodeo.

Highlights of the races are as follows:

J2 males, first three in the results stayed the same both days.  1st Cully Brown from Durango, 2nd Lars Hannah from Steamboat Springs, and Pharwit Durgan from Crested Butte.

J1 males, Max Scrimgeour from Steamboat Springs was first in the skate race on Saturday and Christian Shanley from Vail was first in the classic race on Sunday.  They swapped positions by Chistian being 4th in the skate race and Max being 4th in classic race.  Cal DeLine from Vail was 2nd in both races and Haakon Sigurslid from Durango was 3rd in both races.

OJ males, Tucker McCrerey won both days.  He posted the fastest time in the skate race ahead of the college skiers, U23 skiers, and the Senior class skiers.  He posted the second fastest time in the classic race on Sunday.

J2 females, Hannah Hardenbergh from Vail was a double winner with Gretchen Burholder from Steamboat Springs placing 3rd in the skate race and 2nd in the classic race.  Hannah Peterson from Durango was 2nd in the skate race.

J1 females, Emily Hannah from Steamboat Springs was 1st in the skate race with Mary O’Connell from Steamboat Springs was 2nd.  In the classic race on Sunday they swapped positions with Mary O’Connell 1st and Emily Hannah 2nd.

OJ females, Katie Gill from University of Denver and Haley Piske from Steamboat Springs swapped positions.  Katie won the first day in the skate race and Haley was second.  In the classic race, Haley won and Katie was 2nd.

J3 male class, Evan Barbier from Steamboat won both days.

In the J4 male class Tyler Scholl with the Steamboat Springs ski team won both days with Sven Tate from Steamboat Springs being second.  In fact, Tyler would have won the older J3 class both days.

In the J3 female class, Anna Burkholder from Steamboat Springs won both days.  In the J4 female class, Jaden Carlson from Boulder won both days.

J5 females, Katy Jane Hardenbergh from Vail won both days and in the J5 males Cade Mead from Boulder won both days.

Full results of both races to follow.